Gameplay Enhancement Mods

Skyrim GEMS is a 1-page, quick-reference catalog of lore-friendly Gameplay Enhancement Mods for Skyrim with a focus on mods that create a more realistic, immersive and challenging experience. More...


  • Use STEP to make your game better looking and more stable then incrementally add gameplay mods from below to customize your game.
  • Read this guide by Frihyland and the STEP team on how to install, backup and mod Skyrim
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  • Be sure to check out category 400 - Realism
[DG] = DawnGuard Required
[HF] = Hearthfire Required
[DB] = DragonBorn Required
[SKSE] = SKSE Required
[SD] = Script Dragon Required
blue mod link = Mod is on Steam Workshop
* Please tell me if a mod requiring any of the above is not marked accordingly

Interface Mods

100 - UI

Section Video:video link Click here to watch a video review of 9 User Interface mods (by insane0hflex)

video link SkyUI [SKSE] 50K+ endorsements. An essential interface mod that displays the inventory in a table with Item categories, sortable columns, status icons and much, much more.
video link Immersive HUD - iHUD [SKSE] 10K+ endorsements. Hides pieces of the interface until needed to increase immersion. Highly configrable - control what is hidden or visible, when they appear, and how transparent.
TIP: Try playing with archery crosshairs disabled entirely - It's more realistic, more challenging and much more fun! (By practicing on archery targets, you can get very good at shooting freehand)
video link Less Intrusive HUD II Lets you move, rotate, resize, hide and/or adjust the transparency of every interface element. Compatible with SkyUI and iHUD
video link A Matter of Time - A HUD clock widget [SKSE] 1K+ endorsements. Displays current game time in HUD. Choose style, location, transparency, etc. Highly configurable.
video link Categorized Favorites Menu [SKSE] 10K+ endorsements. Replaces the single favorites menu with several categorized favorites menus, with subcategories. Compatible with SkyUI (just disable the favorites menu in SkyUI)
video link Categorized Favorites Menu Oni Edition [SKSE] Makes dozens of mods compatible with Categorized Favorites Menu". (Requires "Categorized Favorites Menu")
image link Customized Categorized Favorites Menu - CCFM [SKSE] Makes over 150 mods compatible with Categorized Favorites Menu. Choose from 10 Custom layouts to fit your playstyle in 1920 x1080 or 1280 x 1024 resolution. (Requires "Categorized Favorites Menu")
image link Another Sorting Mod Renames items so they sort properly (e.g. Arrow-Type, Ore-Type, Ingot-Type). Compatible with all DLCs, Categorized Favorite Menu, CFM Oni Edition, CCFM and other mods...
[CONSOLE] fov <angle> Use the console (~) to customize your field of view (how much you can see to the left and right). Default value = 75. Example console command: fov 75
video link Better Dialogue Controls 5K+ endorsements. Fixes keyboard controls for dialog menus - Prevents selecting wrong item with "E" key because mouse pointer took focus away from the keyboard-selected item. When scrolling choices with mouse wheel, the center item is always the active one.
video link EZ2C Dialogue Menu - configurable Improves dialog menu interface (easier navigation, better keyboard and mouse control) plus 35 in-game menu customization options (e.g. font, colors, position, brightness, etc)
video link Better MessageBox Controls 5K+ endorsements. Lets you navigate and select popup message boxes with the keyboard. Also makes dialog options easier to select with the mouse by making clickable areas larger.
video link No Boring Sleep-Wait Menu Rest/wait without interruptions for up to 31 days.
video link Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn [SKSE] Adds a new player journal to the game which lets you create, view and export your own journal entries.
video link Enhanced Camera [SKSE] A simpler alternative to Immersive First Person View. Lets you see your body in 1st person mode. Allows 3rd person moments such as riding a horse, sitting, crafting, etc to be viewed in 1st person (MCM configurable)
video link Immersive First Person View 1K+ endorsements. Enables a true first person perspective when riding a horse, in werewolf form, fighting, etc. Highly configurable.
video link Face to face conversation 1K+ endorsements. Lets you configure camera behavior when talking to someone e.g. make camera zoom in closer like Oblivion did.
video link AutoPV - Auto changes view [SKSE] Set UI to change to 1st person or 3rd person automatically when drawing a weapon, sneaking, using a bow, casting a spell or others. Highly customizable through MCM.
video link Customizable Camera [SKSE] Lets you modify the camera in almost any way you want via MCM i.e. center camera, don't change zoom when drawing weapon, etc. (Watch video).
video link Distant Vanity Camera A simple tweak to Skyrim.ini that allows you to zoom WAAAAY out and view the game from a Diablo-type perspective.
video link SkyVoice - Voice Control for Skyrim [SKSE] Use your voice (microphone) to execute dragon shouts.
video link ThuuMic - Use your mic for dragon shouts [SD] Use your voice (microphone) to execute dragon shouts, call your horse, command your companions and more.
video link Shouts in the Dragon Tongue - Complete View shouts in the Dragon Language with or without english translation. Several display options and combinations available. (NOTE: video links to old version of the mod)
video link Unique Region Names 1K+ endorsements. Displays name of the nine holds instead of "Skyrim"
video link Even Better Quest Objectives 1K+ endorsements. Enhances the quest descriptions in the vanilla game so that you have a clear sense of where you are supposed to go and what you are supposed to do. (An updated DLC-compatible version of Better Quest Objectives by whickus )
video link Immersive Questing Removes quest markers and map markers for major quests and objectives and adds detailed directions in the quest description so markers are not needed. Improves immersion and encourages exploration. Major quests completed. IN PROGRESS: Creating directions to every dungeon and modifying all radiant quest descriptions. VOLUNTEERS REQUESTED!
video link The Choice is Yours - Fewer Forced Quests - More Options 1K+ endorsements. Quests are no longer added automatically when talking to an NPC. Quest are only added if you agree to help them.
video link Timing is Everything - Quest Delay and Timing Control [DG+HF+DB] Lets you delay when you want various quest ines to trgger. Helps to prevent so many DLC quest lines from being activated at the start of a new game.
image link Quest Eraser -- Remove Quest Objectives from Your Journal Lets you remove quests from your journal. (Updated - you can now pick and choose which quests to remove)
video link KenMOD - Time on loading screen 5K+ endorsements. Displays current computer time on loading screens.
immersiveUI_LockpickPlus Removes interface messages - disables Steal Horse, Pickpocket, Unlock, Steal, Activate, Use, Open, Search, Locked, Sit, Talk, Take, Harvest, Read, Close, Ride and Empty Text, etc, etc.
Simple Lockpicking Removes unnecessary gameplay information clutter from the lockpicking screen.
image link First-Person Messages Changes messages to a first-person point of view. Compatibility patch for Frostfall and others. Optional add-on changes menu text ("Loading" -- becomes -- "Resume Adventure")
video link Think to Yourself Messages Changes messages to a first-person point of view
image link Khajiit Speak - Complete Dialogue Overhaul 1K+ endorsements. For people playing as a Khajit, it makes player dialogue sound more like a Khajit.
image link Changed syntaxes Changes 3 syntaxes in the game: "Open" [place] is now "Enter" [place], "Search" [container] is now"Loot" [container] and "Talk" [person] is now "Speak with" [person].
image link No Psychic Lock Knowledge Removes the visual tag on locks that indicate whether the lock is apprentice, adept, master, etc.
image link No empty tag on empty containers Removes the visual tag that says "empty" on empty containers
Remove repeating OverEncumbered message Removes the repeating "You are carrying too much to be able to run" message
Death Cam Duration Options [SKSE] Game will keep running after the player dies until pressing "escape" key.
video link Lore-Based Loading Screens 1K+ endorsements. Adds 160 lore-based quotes as loading screens
video link No Menu and Loading Smoke 1K+ endorsements. Removes smoke from menu and loading screen (The smoke can cause issues when using an ENB). Simply replaces smoke FX file with a blank FX file.
video link HiAlgoBoost GPU Upgrade 1K+ endorsements. Significantly increases framerate by dynamically reducing the number of pixels rendered at certain times.
110 - UI - Map

Section Video:video link Click here to watch a video demonstrating 6 map mods installed together (by Memorable)

video link Warburgs Detailed Paper World Map 1K+ endorsements. Replaces zoomable map with a more realistic and immersive "paper map" (Shows your current location).
video link A Quality World Map - With Roads 30K+ endorsements. Adds roads to map and improves map quality (check out this Map Overhaul guide)
video link World Map - Skyrim Hold Borders Same as "A Quality World Map - With Roads" but it adds the borders to each hold (helpful for when you have a bounty on your head)
video link Equip-able Maps Allows you to hold and view a static map of the world (and treasure maps) from a first-person perspective (Does not show player's location)
video link EzEs -Colored Map Markers- Map markers are colored by type. (Compatible with Skyrim v1.8)
image link Not Another Colored Map Icon Mod - NACMIM Changes the icons on your map to colored versions (several versions available). Compatible with all DLCs.
image link Colored Map Markers Updated An updated version of Colored Map Markers. Makes all quest targets green, all discovered towns blue and all undiscovered towns red. Everything else is untouched.
World Map Min_Max Height Pitch Tweak Lets you zoom way in and way out. Lets you set the default pitch angle of the map camera. Lets you turn cloud cover off. (These settings can no longer be changed via the Skyrim.ini file since the Skyrim 1.8 update)
video link Remove 3D Map Camera Limits Makes it possible to almost zoom into the ground and removes border limits when panning.
video link Follower Map Markers Adds map markers to any follower that you wish. The markers act just like quest markers.
video link CS Tag and Track NPCs Tag up to 10 NPCs and track their location through the Quest menu.
image link Magical Markers Give trackable gems (via quest) to NPC or put on ground to mark a location on your map. Set as active quest to track on compass
image link Map Hud Enhanced Makes map markers smaller. Immersive full screen. Compatible with all map mods
image link Dungeon Quest Awareness Changes the map markers and area location of dungeons that contain major quest so you don't start them too early
image link World Map (PNG) A world map in PNG format by
video link Mapseller Adds a cartographer selling maps of the territories showing nearly every map marker in that territory (but you can't fast travel until you've been there). Maps cost 2500-3000 Gold.
image link The Cartographers Map Markers Adds map markers to many inner city locations such as Player homes, Inns, Stores and Jarls Houses plus it adds many points of interest outside the cities that were discovered during gameplay e.g. Shrines, Temples, Camps, Mines, Ruins, etc. (Markers are not added until location is discovered.)
image link Atlas Map Markers Adds over 600 map markers (including markers for DawnGuard) to help find treasure maps, shrines, dragon mounds, campsites, skillbooks and more. (Markers are not added until location is discovered.)
Player Home Map Markers Adds map markers to the front door of the 6 player homes: Whiterun, Windhelm, Markarth, College Of Winterhold, Solitude & Riften
image link Mines of Skyrim Adds a book to leveled lists that contains the locations of all mines and their ore
image link Detailed Mine Map Markers Adds and labels all Mine Map Markers to display the main material it yields. (You must still find them first)
120 - UI - Timesavers
image link Vendor Sale Delay - GONE Vendor's inventory opens immediately after clicking "What have you got for sale?" instead of waiting until after the dialogue has finished.
SKSE -Elys- AltF4 Lets you press ALT+F4 to instantly exit game AND lets you use the volume and mute controls on your keyboard in-game.
video link More HotKeys Please [SKSE] 51 hotkey slots, 5 cycles, and 10 sets can be used, multikeys, press & hold keys.
video link Loadout [SKSE] Watch comparison video. Press ALT + 0-9 to save your currently equipped clothing/armor and weapon/magic. Press 0-9 to switch to that set.
video link Hotkey your Gear [SKSE] Watch comparison video. Lets you easily save weapon & armor sets for both you and your companions and then easily switch between them.
video link Jaxonz Outfitter [SKSE] Watch comparison video. Use hotkeys to switch between saved equipment sets.
video link Auto Unequip Ammo Quiver is automatically unequipped when bow or crossbow is unequipped
video link Auto Unequip Shield Automatically equips/unequips any shield when weapon is drawn/sheathed
video link Auto Unequip Helmet Automatically equips/unequips helmet when you draw/sheathe your weapon or spell
video link Helmet Toggle - Show Hide [SKSE] Adds 2 spells that toggle the player or target's helmet to be hidden or shown (still equipped but invisible)
video link Functional Homes Adds all crafting stations inside player homes + 40 linked storage containers (i.e. access same inventory from any home). Auto store and auto sort your crafting supplies by pushing one button. Adds a potion combiner to convert many low-level potions into fewer high-level potions of equal strength. More...
image link Automatic Item Storage Adds 2 new storage cupboards to each buyable home that automatically store your items for you. Adds 1 knapsack that stores your soul gems next to each enchanting table.
image link Alchemy Ingredient Storage Adds a special alchemy satchel to every buyable house in Skyrim that, when activated, allows you to transfer all the potion ingredients you currently have on you into it.
image link Jonte's Better Alchemy Satchel Puts all of your alchemy ingredients into your satchel with one mouse click.
video link Swift Potion Reborn [SKSE] Drink potions automatically depending on configurable settings (i.e. at 30% health). Adds a potion delay (configurable) to prevent spamming and adds potion hotkeys.
video link Kace Auto Loot Take loot from dead enemies automatically. Highly configurable.
video link AutoSave Manager [SKSE] Creates automatic saves for you based on certain events, conditions, timed intervals or manually. Highly configurable through MCM.
130 - UI - Information
video link Guess the Distance - Perceptive Scouting Use "Guess Distance" power to perceive opponent's distance, experience, aggression level, armor, race and weapon (configurable). Amount of information depends on distance and visibility
video link BorderSense Your character will note when crossing the border into a new hold and (optional) remark if you have a bounty in that hold.
video link Hold Border Banners Adds banners along roadsides at the boundaries of two holds. (watch video)
image link Improved Container Names Makes container names more informative - "sack" becomes "sack of produce". (Try Specific and Salty for a similar mod that also works with DLCs and adds more salt to containers.)
video link BLESSINGS - Altar Descriptions 1K+ endorsements. Improves descriptions of the altars of the nine Gods - "Activate Shrine of Mara" becomes "Activate Shrine of Mara (Fortify Restoration)"
  Soul Gems Differ - Full and Empty Makes soul gems look different depending on whether they have soul gems in them or not
image link Better Skill and Quest Books Names Renames books to show the skills asociated with them at the begining of the name. Example: "(Light Armor) The Refugees"
image link Improved Skill Books Renames books to show the skills asociated with them at the end of the name. Example: "The Refugees (Light Armor)"
image link Improved Quest Books Appends "(Quest)" to the names of books that start quests
image link Unread Books Glow Unread books will glow - Adjustable brightness (bright, medium, dim)
image link Mark Books as Read After opening a book, "~(Read)" is added before the book's name. (books you have read will sort to the bottom of your inventory.)
image link Organized Books Edits names of books to more clearly denote books in a series e.g. changes "The Wolf Queen, v4" to "Wolf Queen, Vol. 4 of 8". Also fixes recipes, spell tomes, treasure maps, journals and notes.
image link Known Spells Changes the tome's name to indicate if it's a known spell. e.g. "Spell Tome (known): Fury" rather than "Spell Tome: Fury"
image link Unknown Enchants Appends "(U)" to all enchanted items that are unknown and can be disenchanted. No more wondering if you already know the enchantment.
image link Linguists of Skyrim - Dragon Translation kit Adds a stone tablet deciphering the dragon alphabet and 5 books in Hrothgar containing all known words in the Dragon language. Use them to manually translate the stories on the Word Walls, the names of dragon priests and other draugr.
image link Dragon Language Book Adds a book at High Hrothgar explaining the Dragon language. Over 20 pages of instruction and reference.
image link Race Description Info Adds more information to the race choice menu
video link Point The Way 1K+ endorsements. Places additional road signs at several major intersections to make destination options more clear
video link HiRes Legible Road Signs 1K+ endorsements. Makes road signs more legible
Disease Descriptions for the Immersive Adventurer Provides improved descriptions of diseases, plus symptoms plus the mechanical game effects while afflicted. Ex: Bone Break Fever is a mild common disease affecting the victim's strength and coordination. Symptoms include high body temperature and chronic weariness. As a result, your Stamina is reduced by 25 points while affected by the disease.
image link Real Days and Months Uses actual day, month and times to sleep/wait menu e.g. Time Wait screen will say "Monday, 8:00 AM, 17th of August".
image link Console Books Adds about 45 books to the game that include all the items ID for all the items in the game.
video link Skyrim Performance Monitor Displays Memory Usage and FPS (Frames per Second) information on the top right corner of your screen. Lets you view a graph of performance metrics from game session.
image link Skyrim -Elys- MemInfo [SKSE] Displays Memory Usage, FPS (Frames per Second) and other information on the top left corner of your screen.
video link STATUS Displays a variety of game detail information in SkyUI i.e. coordinates, Health, Magicka & Stamina regen rates, speed and damage multipliers, etc.
140 - Patches
Unofficial Skyrim Patch Fixes hundreds of gameplay, quest, NPC, object, item, text and placement bugs.
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch Fixes hundreds of gameplay, quest, NPC, object, item, text and placement bugs.
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch Fixes dozens of bugs for Hearthfire.
>> Hearthfire Mods List
>> List of known conflicts and fixes for Hearthfire
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch Fixes dozens of gameplay, quest, NPC, object, item, text and placement bugs
Skyrim Misc Patches Collection - SMPC - AKA USKP addon Fixes over 100+ minor glitches that were not high enough priority to be incorporated into the Unofficial Skyrim Patch (UKSP). Requires UKSP. Click here to view list of fixes.
OneTweak [SKSE] One mod that includes several different mods:
video link SkyFalls and SkyMills 1K+ endorsements. Makes distant waterfalls and windmills animated (the static distant waterfalls are especially noticeable). Compatible with WATER, Pure Waters and Windmills Resized.
video link Windmills Resized 1K+ endorsements. Makes the fan of the windmills larger/more realistic in size. (watch video)
SSME - Skyrim Startup Memory Editor ** This fix is included in SKSE alpha 1.7 and beyond effectively negating the need for this patch. Watch this video by Gopher for a full explanation ** Makes Skyrim allocate more memory than the default 256mb initial amount that is allocated in Vanilla Skyrim. This prevents crashes later on which would have occurred when exceeding that 256MB memory block.
Safety Load ** This fix is included in SKSE alpha 1.7 and beyond effectively negating the need for this patch. Watch this video by Gopher for a full explanation ** Fixes "Infinite Loading Screen" issue caused by excessive object/texture data being loaded
Skyrim Shadow Striping Fix Adjusts interior light sources that cause the shadow striping effect. Does not conflict with lighting mods. NOTE: Not needed if using Realistic Lighting Overhaul
Weapons and Armor Fixes - Remade 1K+ endorsements. An updated version of the original Weapons and Armor Fixes. Fixes many bugs and inconsistencies beyond those made by the UKSP (UKSP is strongly recommended but not required). Renames items for easier sorting. Improves values and properties to achieve higher consistency in progression. Compatible with Vanilla, DawnGuard and/or Dragonborn DLCs.
Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice [SKSE] Enhances support for unvoiced in-game dialog by playing a generic silent voice and lip synch file whenever a dialog response doesn't include voice.
video link Blacksmithforge water fix 1K+ endorsements. Replaces the fake static water at the blacksmith forges with real water.
image link Unlimited Bookshelves Allows more books/items per shelf
Thieves Guild Requirements - No Auto Quest Start Brynjolf Brynjolf will not approach you and the Thieves Guild quest will not activate if you're not a thief - must have stolen items, picked pockets, and have some skill in sneak.
The Paarthurnax Dilemma Fixes the quest by the Blades to kill Paarthurnax.
image link Sell Unusual Gems - Stones of Barenziah Lets you sell unusual gems to a Khajiit trader (removes "No Stone Unturned" quest from journal)
video link Ethereal Elven Overhaul Fixes the facial structure of all elves in game - makes them look more like elves instead of goblins. (Click here for DLC patches, Interesting NPCs + others. Click here for SkyRe patch)
image link Height Adjusted Races with True Giants 1K+ endorsements. Changes the height of all races and some creatures (with gender differences). Optional files: 1) Change 1st person view to match. 2) Make giants 1.5x or 2x bigger. 3) Make giants louder. 4) Make dragons bigger.
image link Skyrim Sizes Realistically increases differences in height between genders and races for Player AND NPCs (see image)
image link Gender & Race Heights Gives more variety in height between races and genders with males generally taller than females.
image link Consistent Older People 1K+ endorsements. Makes NPCs with old faces have matching old bodies (see image). Compatible with any body replacer mod, male or female.
Breezehome Ladder Fix Fixes the annoying Breezehome ladder blocking issue
Fast travel timescale fix Fast traveling to a nearby location takes the equivalent time of walking (instead of 1-2 hours)
image link New Thinner Torch Character holds torch more realistically (changes mesh)
150 - UI - Sounds
video link Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds Compare with Audio Overhaul for Skyrim. 1K+ endorsements. Adds over 100 new sound effects to the wilderness. Animal, bird and insect sounds play according to weather, time of day and region. Adds rain impact sounds on tents and wooden structures, rustling bushes to simulate small animals scattering on approach and more.
video link Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization Compare with Audio Overhaul for Skyrim. Adds over 200 new sound effects to cities, villages, farms, etc. The infamous bloat bug is now fixed!
video link Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons Compare with Audio Overhaul for Skyrim. 1K+ endorsements. Adds over 100 new sound effects to dungeons. Different sound sets for different types of dungeons. Adds exterior weather sounds to the dungeon entrance.
video link Audio Overhaul for Skyrim Compare with Sounds of Skyrim. 1K+ endorsements. Adds environment-based reverb (NOTE: NPC dialog in Brodual video has been reduced), tweaks distance and volume, major improvements to footsteps and destruction magic sounds. Improves traps, creatures, weapons, ambience and more... ** Click here for a list of compatibility patches **
video link Quiet Dungeons Removes looping wind noise from dungeons (watch video)
video link Icebreakers Improved Reverb Adds reverb to caverns (more realistic sound)
Activate Fail Noise Removal Removes annoying "fail" noise
SILENT Skyrim - Quieter Interface Can replace nearly 2 dozen annoying sound effects with silent .wav file - sneak attack ""clunk"", activate fail noise, level-up noises, crafting noises, nirn root ringing, and many more. (same as mod below but uses a different method of choosing which sounds to remove)
image link Skyrim User Interface Silencer Can replace nearly 2 dozen annoying sound effects with silent .wav file - sneak attack "clunk", activate fail noise, level-up noises, crafting noises, nirn root ringing, and many more. (same as mod above but uses a different method of choosing which sounds to remove)
Waterbreathing Breathless Emerge Water emerging breath sound no longer plays if under the effect of water breathing
video link Underwater Swimming SFX Fix Corrects/improves underwater sound for better immersion (example of bad vanilla sound)
video link Better Horse Pain Sounds Much better sound for horses that get hit/hurt
video link FSS - Better Bards Improves timing of bard singing
video link FSS - No pause between lines Removes pause between spoken NPC lines
video link Thundering shouts Cooler shouts - Adds some echo to shouts + a thunder sound + 10% lower pitch
video link Roosters at Dawn Adds a rooster's crow at Dawn in specific areas. Occurs randomly between 6am and 6:45am (NOTE: Using "skyBirds" and "Birds of Skyrim" together produces actual roosters that crow in the mornings and evenings. )
Ambient Seagulls Adds seagull noises to appropriate areas
video link Better Animal Footsteps Makes footstep sounds for 16+ animals more realistic (e.g. rabbits, spiders, mammoths, horkers, mudcrabs, deer, bear, etc)
video link IHSS - Improved Horse Step Sounds Improves the "hoovestep" sounds of horses by adding "sound sets" for different grounds.
video link Clanking Armor Changes the footstep sounds when wearing plate armor (much more realistic!). (Click here for alt version w/ more bass)
video link Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds 1K+ endorsements. Makes bow sounds more realistic.
video link Improved Combat Sounds 1K+ endorsements. Improves combat sounds
video link Better Weapon Swing Sounds Improves weapon swing sounds (watch video)
video link Smooth blade draw and Sheathe 1K+ endorsements. Quieter sound when drawing or sheathing a blade. When in sneak mode, your character will attack silently instead of yelling with each swing plus weapon sounds are quieter. (Ideal for thief characters)
video link Dagger Sounds 4 Daggers Exchanges the 1h swing sounds of daggers with special dagger swing sounds.
Delarics Conditional Combat Music Disables combat music except when fighting certain higher-level enemies (several lists to choose from). No more being tipped off when common enemies are nearby (while still allowing major battles to remain epic). (Use No Combat Music instead if you want to disable all combat music entirely)
video link totally epic music battle dragons Plays intense music when fighting dragons.
video link Fix for combat music Insures that combat music always plays during battles. (By default, low-level encounters stop triggering combat music when player reaches higher levels)
video link True Medieval Music Replaces vanilla music you hear in bars/s with true medieval music from long ago. Recommend also using Bards sing on request ONLY. Compatible with Lively Inns and s.
video link Fantasy Soundtrack Project The successor to Fantasy Music Overhaul. Includes 150+ lore-friendly music tracks that can add to or replace the original Skyrim soundtrack. Approprate music plays based on location/activity.
video link Enhanced Soundtrack Adds a variety of high quality, immersive ambient music to game (watch video)
video link Skyrim Soundtrack Expansion Adds 30 minutes of lore-friendly orchestral music to world exploration playlist. (listen to video sample)
video link Skyrim Theme Menu Music Violin cover of Skyrim theme music….by Jason Yang
160 - UI - Animations
video link No Spinning Death Animation Removes the unrealistic spinning death animation. Ragdoll physics used instead. Will not affect killmoves.
video link No heavy muscular walk and idle Makes NPCs and character stand and walk normally instead of appearing overly musclebound.
video link Run Sprint and Jump Improves animations for run, sprint and jump (males and females)
video link Bowlegged jump animation Fix Fixes the bowlegged jump animations for both males and females.
video link Sprint and Jump with Boost Lets you jump while sprinting.
video link Faster GET UP STAND UP animation Edits the stand up animation to be twice as fast while maintaining realism
video link Dovahkiin Relaxes Too 1K+ endorsements. Enables your Dovahkiin to greet someone or play relaxed idle (in vanilla). Invoke lesser power 'Dovahkiin's Relax' by shout button and your character will play idle with something in front.
video link Sit Anywhere 1K+ endorsements. Allows you or you followers to sit anywhere.
video link AE Animation Adds over 24 character animations using the "power" key e.g. sit, lie down, drink, eat, whistle, bow, clap, crossed arms, read a book, look far, thinking and more.
Passtime Assigns INSERT, HOME, PAGEUP, DELETE, END, PAGEDOWN keys to animations - Warm hands by fire, read, dance, sit down(sad), lie down, sit down(unwell)
video link 360 Walk and Run Plus 1K+ endorsements. Lets your character walk in a 360-degree circle while in 3rd person with weapon sheathed i.e. character can now walk toward you instead of back stepping.
video link Harvesting Animation Plays a short animation when harvesting plants, looting containers or dead bodies and when opening doors.
video link Dovahkiin Prayers Adds a meditate animation when activating a shrine
video link YY Anim Replacer - Mystic Knight Click here to compare mods. 1K+ endorsements. Replaces one-handed sword and magic animations. Designed to fit a character with a sword in one hand and magic in the other..
video link New Animation for Magic Casting Click here to compare mods. 1K+ endorsements. Improves animations for casting magic. Note: It is safe, per the author, to delete any animation file that you don't like. (e.g. mag_runforward.hkx)
video link Immersive Animations Click here to compare mods. 1K+ endorsements. Improves several 3rd person animations giving player a more relaxed stance when wielding weapons.
video link 3rd Person Animation Tweak - Dual Wield Sprint A much more realistic Dual Wield Sprinting animation (see video)
video link 3rd Person Dual Wield Animation Fix Improves the 3rd person idle turn and sprint animation while dual wielding weapons. (watch video)
video link Running with your Bow Replacer Improves 3 bow animations for RunForward, RunForwardLeft & RunForwardRight. (This mod contains the best "running forward with a bow" animation.) (compare archery animation mods).
video link Casual bow animations Improves 22 bow animations for standing idle, walking, running and turning with a bow. (compare archery animation mods)
video link 3rd Person Animation Tweak - Run Forward with Bow Improves 3 bow animations for RunForward, RunForwardLeft & RunForwardRight. (compare archery animation mods)
video link DSAMG - Dragon Soul Absorb More Glorious Improves music and animation when absorbing a dragon soul

Character Mods

200 - Character Creation
video link RaceMenu [SKSE] 10K+ endorsements. A HUGE improvement to the character creation interface. Adds many more character customization options.
video link Enhanced Character Edit [SKSE] 5K+ endorsements. Adds many new sliders to character creation menu. Adds new options for lips, eyes, eyebrows, etc. Works with any body mesh. Includes a new race (pretty female). Compatible with Race Menu but typically use one or the other.
image link Expanded Skyrim Presets Adds hundreds of facial presets to the character creation screen.
image link Ultimate NPC Face Unlocker Adds all of the NPC faces and bodies (over 700) to the list of presets in the character creation screen.
image link All hairs for all non-beast races Makes all hair options available to all races. i.e. choose an Orc hair style for your human Nord. (see image for example)
video link Extended Slider Colors Significantly extends the choice of colors available for hair, eyes, etc.
video link ApachiiSkyHair 20K+ endorsements. Adds 50+ new hairstyle options for females and 40+ new hairstyle options for males
video link Beards 5K+ endorsements. Adds braided beards (made by Bethesda but were hidden in the CK). Also improves textures of all beards (optional)
image link Bald Head Adds a bald head to the hair options.
video link XCE - Scarface Adds 16 new scars to the game of various styles; such as battle scars, burn scars and ritual scars.
image link Bandit Eyepatch Adds an eye patch. Craft it at a forge or buy it at Grelka's shop in Riften. ** Use Sharlikran's Compatibility Patch instead (original mod not required) **
image link Player Size Adjuster [SKSE] Use SkyUI MCM to adjust your character's height as well as your height when transformed into a werewolf or Vampire Lord. It will automatically adjust your 1st person height to match. Optionally can adjust run speed and jump height based on height.
image link Increased character height Makes your character seem taller in 1st person view  (does not change height in 3rd person view - see mod below). Manually replace skeleton.nif file with your choice of any height between 1.01 and 1.40.
video link Change Character Height 1. Pess tilde key ("~") to access the console. 2. Type player.setscale 1.1 (0.9 - 1.2) to change your character's height in 3rd Person view. Default height is 1. Does not change height in 1st person view (see mod above).
image link Beelzeboss character traits [SKSE] Let's you add positive and negative traits when making a new character (see image for example) ** Author invites anyone to continue development **
210 - Alternate Starts
video link Alternate Start - Live Another Life 10K+ endorsements. Multiple alternate starts (lvl1) with different back stories. Main quest not started (can start Dragonborn quest if you want)
video link Skyrim Unbound - Alternate Starts Lets you choose a starting class and where you want to start. Lets you choose if you want to play as the Dragonborn (NPCs will not talk about Helgen or recognize you as the Dragonborn). Toggle starting spells, dragons, random dragon spawns, dragon soul absorption, and shouts. More...(direct download link here)
video link Random Alternate Start A completely random start - choose from 21 class starting kits and start in one of 463+ locations.
image link New life - pseudo alternate start Multiple alternate starts (lvl1) from different towns with different stories (e.g. a deckhand in Dawnstar, hunter in Falkreath, farmhand in Markarth, etc). The race menu appears after intro. Main quest already completed. (Also adds ability to create your own alternate start)
image link a HARDCORE start - bandit Theanna Plugin - you are a female bandit with a bounty on your head in 3 provinces. Main quest disabled. (Watch this video based on this article for instructions on how to create your own custom alternate start at any location with any equipment you want)
Dimes Quickstart Skip cart ride, attack, and dungeon. Choose your race & whether you followed Stormcloak or Imperial.
image link Skyrim through the eyes of a child - an alternate start Play as a child (male or female). Parents have both died. The Helgen incident never happened. There are no dragons and your character is not the dragonborn. Requires Playable Children Plus.
image link Starting Spell Choice Removes Healing & Flames spells & allows player to choose 1 novice spell (or none) from each Magic school. Works with Alternate Start - Live Another Life. (Or use Spell Eraser mod)
220 - Starter Homes
video link 8 Free Vanilla Homes The attached video describes 8 free houses, cabins and shacks that you can use in the Vanilla game (mild spoilers)
video link Campsite - The Small Getaway Start the game with a small tent campsite. Click here and here for other tent mods.
  City Shacks Adds a small rentable shack in each major city to bridge gap between inns and buying a home (payment of rent is optional). (NOTE: Can also rent semi-permanent rooms at inns using Realistic Room Rental Enhanced (listed under 330 - Economy)
video link Hunters Treehouse A small treehouse located between Whiterun and Riverwood. Some storage, one shelf of books, one weapon plaque and a weapon rack.
image link Beggar's Solitude A tiny wooden shed/shack in Solitude with a bed and storage. (no load door)
video link Beginner's Shack A tiny wooden shed in Riverwood with a bed and storage. (no load door)
image link Robbers Roost A habitable, old delapidated barn in Falkreath Hold. Rumour has it that it's currently inhabited by bandits. Includes bedrolls, smithing tools & storage.
image link Rift Raft A small and simple boat house starter home at the Riften docks with basic features - a bed, chair and storage (not drivable)
video link Riverside Shack A small but cozy no-load-door fishing shack between Riverwood and Whiterun. Has a small cellar. Wood chopping, grindstone, tanning Rack, named containers, shrines, cooking pot, Mini Alchemy/Enchantment table and cellar with blacksmithing tools, mannequin and weapon racks.
image link Falkreath Hill Shack A small open shack (no loading door) overlooking Falkreath. Companion compatible. Bed, storage, book shelf, 2 weapon racks, alchemy, workbench, tanning rack, sharpening stone, anvil, chopping block.
image link Woodsmans Shack A Ranger or Hunter player home - a rustic hunting shack in southeastern Skyrim with no load entry (and no front door). Includes all crafting stations, storage and weapon racks.
video link Snowberry Cottage A small, rustic cottage (stone walls and floors) with a living room and basement just south of Dawnstar. Bookshelf, storage, personal safe, weapon rack, alchemy table & enchanter.
image link Anoriths Shack A small, cozy hunter's shack (with hidden grotto) in the southwest near Lake Ilinalta. Bed, cooking pot, alchemy station, chopping block, tanning rack and small garden. (Hidden grotto has smithing and many other amenities)
video link Hunters Cabin of Riverwood 1K+ endorsements. A cozy hunter's cabin available as soon as you start the game. Storage chests, Book Shelf, Cooking pot, tanning rack and grinding stone, archery target. (Nexus comments disabled. To comment, see Steam Workshop)
video link WinterWind Cottage A small but very cozy winter cabin near Windhelm stables. Has a small cellar with a cool little hidden area (watch video). Storage, crafting workbenches, weapon racks and weapon plaque, mannequin and 1 display case. Not navmeshed for companions.
image link Thistle Cottage A small 1-room cottage southwest of Riverwood. Follower friendly. Bookcase, Alchemists lab, Weapon rack, Weapon wall mounts, weapon display case. Activate the Wash Basin and receive Blessing of Cleanliness for 8 hours, which cures disease.
image link Heartwood Cottage - No Load Doors A small, comfortable cottage West of Riften. No load doors. Labeled containers with automatic item storage. Light switches. All crafting stations. Weapon and shield racks (Use no-mannequinns version to avoid frame-rate problem)
image link Rangers Valley Lodge -NO LOAD SCREENS- A rustic lodge southeast of Riften. No load doors. Full crafting with forge & smelter. Weapon racks. Follower friendly. Archery range. Fishing camp with guest lodge and tent.
image link Kneirim Farmhouse A small, simple farmhouse east of Rorikstead. Companion/spouse compatible (navmeshed). 1 cow, 4 chickens, workbench, tanning rack, woodchopping, various crops, storage, weapon racks, renewing sacks and barrels.
image link Hvila Home A cozy cottage with a bedroom loft west of Falkreath. Companion friendly. Storage, weapon racks, Mannequins, alchemy and enchanting. Outside covered smithing area. Archery target. Small garden. NOTE: Use version 1.2 for new characters (high-powered items excluded)
video link Heimsgaror by Danthegeek A small, lore-friendly home with many amenities including a vegetable garden with chickens, an herb garden and a stable.
video link Bridge Farm Winner of the Skrim Real Estate Farm Challenge. A full farm with small, comfortable farmhouse (sleeps 4), greenhouse with harvestable plants, stables, garden, harvestable apple trees, many animals and all crafting amenities. Companion/spouse compatible. ** Conflicts with Alternate Start - Live Another Life **
230 - Race | Class | Skills | Perks
video link Character Creation Overhaul 1K+ endorsements. No more master of everything - Choose from 21 distinct classes, each with benefits/deficiencies. Dynamic skill progression (optional) - class-specific skills advance faster (click here for optional "Permanent Birthsigns" add-on). Compatible with SkyRe
image link Classic Classes and Birthsigns Choose a class and birthsign at start like previous Elder Scrolls games. Class's major skills start at 25. Other skills start at 5.
  ERSO 01 - Vanilla Races Redone (An indpendent, standalone module of ERSO _ Erkeil Real Skyrim Overhaul). Every race has different stamina/magicka/health regen rates, different and more realistic carry weights, different stats, new abilities and weaknesses, different movement speeds (related to body and height), new different heights, a bit longer powers.
video link Third Era Attributes for Skyrim Attribute system overhaul - Adds 8 attributes that you can level - Strength, Endurance, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed, Personality & Luck. Each attribute affects gameplay appropriately.
video link BYOG - Balance Your Own Game Allows player to customize many game mechanics - exp rate when using skills, regen rate of attributes, move speed, carry weight, weapon dmg, armor effectiveness, magic cost & duration, & more...
Magicka and Stamina Combat Regen Changes magicka and/or stamina regeneration rate while in combat (faster or slower...many options) (or use BYOG)
No Health and Reduced Magicka Regeneration Health Regen set to 0%, Mana Regen set to 10% vanilla, Base mana pool doubled. (or use BYOG)
Tired and Injured - Conditional Attribute Auto Regen Health does not regenerate. Stamina stops regenerating if health falls below 20%. Magicka only regenerates when "rested".
video link Perks Unbound - Dawnguard Supported Removes all perk prerequisites. Skip right to the perk you want. (Skill level requirements unchanged). Replaces "No Perk Prerequisites"
SPERG - Skyrim Perk Enhancements and Rebalanced Gameplay 1K+ endorsements. A balanced perk tree overhaul intended to create more diversified characters with more unique gameplay. An alternative to SkyRe.
DUT - Expanded Perks [DG] A modular expansion of the Vanilla perks to provide additional/different specialization paths.
Syynxs Perky Reborn - Major Perk Overhaul An updated version of Syynxs Perky - The Major Perk Overhaul - Gives each skill tree ~200 perks - branch starts vague (ie: 10% more dmg w/ this weapon) and ends at a very specific twig (ie: silver weapons do 300% dmg to vampires)
240 - Character Leveling
Skyrim -Community- Uncapper [SKSE] 10K+ endorsements. Set your own custom skill level caps, experience earning rate of each skill, the relation between skill leveling and player leveling, number of perks, Health points, Magicka points, Stamina points, and/or "Carry Weight" points gained at a specific level up. (Click here for additional documentation/explanation of the .ini options) Click here for a spreadsheet to help calculate your values)
ERSO 13.02 - Lower Skill Gain (An indpendent, standalone module of ERSO _ Erkeil Real Skyrim Overhaul). Makes all skills progress 10-60% slower (choose from 8 options) with the exception of Pickpocket, Alchemy, Speech, Enchanting and Smithing...which progress even slower.
Slower leveling up with tutorial Leveling is 2,3,4 or 5 times slower (choose). Compatible with Character Creation Overhaul. (Click here for similar version with slower leveling for Enchant & Pickpocket)
Non Combat Skills Dont Contribute to Player Level [SD] 3 modes (switch using a keypress) - [MODE 3 - default] Disables leveling for non-combat skills (Smithing, Enchanting, Alchemy Speechcraft, Lockpicking. etc) [ MODE 2] Disables all leveling completely (freeze current player level) [MODE 1] Vanilla - use of non-combat skills affect leveling normally.
Auto Perk Stats Level - with SkyRE support No more level-up dialog - all level/stats/perks are handled automatically. Only current skill level matters.
video link SXP - Skyrim Experience Mod [SKSE] A new skill leveling overhaul. Earn XP by completing quests, visiting a new location, defeating a foe, etc. Spend XP to level up any skill. Requires Community Uncapper.
SkyXP [SKSE] A skill leveling overhaul. Earn XP by completing quests, visiting a new location, defeating a foe etc. Spend XP to level up any skill. Requires Community Uncapper.
Choose Your Own Adventure--Skills at Level Zero Leveling is based on skill gains but all skills start at 0 except main skills. result: advance slower in beginning, advance faster at mid & upper level.
video link Katixas Skill Lock Cap Allows you to set a cap (limit) for each skill individually (e.g. roleplay a warrior so magic skills cap at 15)
video link Reflection Like Oblivion, perk points are allocated after sleeping.
image link iPalantirs Modular Overhaul - Perks Module Perks no longer gained through leveling. All perks are earned through reading books. Books are in locations relevant to their content (e.g. mage books at College of Winterhold). Requires Skyrim -Community- Uncapper.
image link Skill Book Overhaul Doubles the amount of unique, lore-friendly skill books in the game from 90 to 180 (for those who prefer to level more through adventuring and studying...and for collectors)
250 - Carry Weight
[CONSOLE] player.forceav carryweight 110 Use the console (~) to permanently set a new Carry Weight for your character. (NOTE: Vanilla CarryWeight is 300... plus 5 each time you upgrade Stamina)
SkyRealism - Capacity and Carry Weight [SKSE][DG] Hardcore carry weight mod - sets base CarryWeight equal to weight of equipped items plus 50 (need bandoliers and backpacks to add weight)
SkyRealism - Encumbrance [SKSE][DG] Hardcore encumbrance mod - Option 1: Movement speed is modified based on how much weight you're carrying and your average skill level. Option 2: Use this tweak mod to have excessive weight reduce stamina while running instead of reducing movement speed.
Increased Carry Weight from Stamina Increases the Carry Weight you gain from stamina (configurable starting weight)
DFB Carry Weight Per Stamina Carry Weight increases by x amount for each Stamina point gained where x = 1 - 20 (player choice)
Realistic Carry Weight Player can carry between 85-135 depending on race
More Realistic Carrying Armor that you're wearing weighs 80% less. (Useful when lowering Carry Weight to realistic levels)
Encumbering loot armour and weapons Unequipped armour and weapons have an encumbrance penalty of 2.25 time their normal weight (multiplier is configurable)
EK_LimitedItems Sets player-configurable limits on max # of items that can be carried for arrows, potions, lockpicks and more. Offers 2 methods for limiting armor and weapons: 1) Items take up space, individually defined by item class (like Diablo). 2) Player defines max numbers per weapon class. Compatible with Bandolier - Bags and Pouches and Sabre Gear in Frosftall.
TCSO - Total Carryweight System Overhaul Lowers Carry Weight by race (85-130) & limits the # of items of a specific type you can carry (e.g. 20 Potions, 30 Arrows, 1 2-handed sword, 1 set of heavy armor, etc). Can use an in-game book to configure weights/options
Hardcore Encumbrance Lowers Carry Weight & limits # of items that a player can carry (i.e. only 1 2H weapon, 1 Heavy Armor, 1 bow, et). Reduces speed % of max carry weight carried.
260 - Backpacks and Storage
video link Bandolier - Bags and Pouches 10K+ endorsements. Adds a variety of bags and pouches that increase carry weight. 5 new slots for equipment: Chest, Back Left, Back Right, Front Left and Front Right. Also consider Bandolier for NPCs and Bandolier - Decreased carry weight and lower prices
image link Knapsack Enhanced Adds a craftable dynamic backpack that automatically adds/removes visible items when used/acquired e.g. Axe, pickaxe, tent, torch, pot and pan, waterskin, etc. Adds 75 carry weight. Requires Frostfall.
video link Mage Backpack by Tumbajamba Adds a craftable backpack that adds 70 carry weight and +15 magic resistance.
image link Leather Backpack Adds a leather backpack that adds 50, 100 or 300 carry capacity (choose one)
video link Nordic Ranger Outfit Adds a craftable leather armor set. One of the 6 pieces is a ranger backpack that adds 15 CarryWeight (does not conflict with Bandolier - Bags and Pouches)
video link FrankDema Travel BackPack Adds a craftable backpack that increases CarryWeight 50 points. Very similar to Nordic Ranger backpack except a sword is always displayed as part of the backpack and has 50 carryweight instead of 15.
image link Fur Bag - Backpack Adds a fur bag that adds 50 carry capacity
video link Sabre Gear Backpack Improves on Fur bag - adds Fur Traveler's bag (+50 CarryWeight) & Fur Survivor's Bag (+100 CarryWeight). 3 colors each.
image link Knapsack Backpacks Adds 20 craftable backpacks (4 sizes and 5 colors) that add a variety of carry capacities. Thin goes underneath bows and quivers. Huge covers bows and quivers. Positions automatically adjust if worn with cloaks.
video link s7o's Cache Sacks Player-owned sacks that can be filled, placed as needed and taken with you when empty - a non-cheating way to handle overweight loot.
image link Blacksmith Storage Chests Talk to the blacksmith in each city to buy a non-respawning storage chest to store your crafting supplies. Chest can auto-sort your supplies (optional) and contents can be shared between cities (optional)
image link Shockys Safe Chests Adds 43 player-owned, non-respawning storage chests to inns and many other logical, helpful locations. Contents are not linked. (NOTE: Realistic Room Rental also adds player-owned chests)
image link Arod's Better Containers Store customizable sets of items into *any* container/s (local or remote) with one click. Use 50+ presets or cast "Learn" and then later cast "Stash" to auto-store. Retrieve from up to 6 remote containers. Move or Rename any containers (i.e. "Sack" can become "Filled Soulgems"). Craft different kinds of containers and place anywhere + more...
image link Craftable Cloud Storage Adds craftable, placeable, automated, heuristic, centralized storage to simplify inventory management. Place anywhere. (A user-friendly adaptation of "General Stores - storage resource for packrats").
video link Buildable Chests and Containers Craft your own non respawning chests and place them anywhere (not shared)
270 - Item Weight
Complete Weight Overhaul Applies realistic weight to 800+ items.
All Items Weight Adjustments A full realistic weight adjustment for every single item in Skyrim
SkyRealism - Mass and Materials Alters the weight of all items in the game by converting their weights to pounds. Adjusts the crafting recipes to account for conservation of mass and the materials observed on the crafted items.
Weighted Items Adds weight to weightless items (e.g. arrows, lockpicks, gold, etc)
Realistic Coin Weight Renames gold to Septims. Coins now have a real weight of 0.014 lbs (6.5g) each.
Ishs Weighted Gold Gives gold coins weight. Each coin weighs 0.01 units, so 100 coins is one unit.
Pricier and Heavier Pelts and Hides Pelts and hides weigh more (and are worth more)
Realistic Weapon Weights Reweight of all the weapons to historically accurate weights
Rolinors Realistically Weighted Weapons Makes the weight of weapons in the game closer to a realistic weight.
Lightweight Scrolls - Multilingual Lowers the weight of all scrolls (including DLCs) from 0.5 to 0.1. Multilingual (older mod)
Lightweight Potions and Poisons Lowers the weight of crafted potions and poisons from 0.5 to 0.1. Multilingual. Also reweights DawnGuard potions if installed.
image link Scale Tipper [SKSE] Dynamically reweights all potions, poisons and scrolls in the game to a player-configurable weight every time the game loads to avoid conflicts with other mods (i.e. weight changes do not overwrite objects in savegame)
image link Rebalanced Potion Weight Modifies potion weights according to size (0.1 - 0.6) see image.
Ingredient Reweight Reduces some ingredient weights and increases some alchemical death items
Less Annoying Items Reduces weight of many minor items like firewood and bowls
Axe and Pickaxe Weight Overhaul Reduces weight of axe & pickaxe by 50% to a more realistic weight (from 10 to 5)
Firewood - Ingot - Ore weight reduction Reduces weight of firewood, ingot and ore
Weightless Soulgems Makes soulgems weightless
image link Customizable Weights [SKSE] Adds a Spell and a Power to change the weight of any item in-game. Cast a spell on an item in front of you or use a Power to open a menu of items. No longer supported. Source code provided.

Gameplay Mods

300 - Gameplay Overhaul
video link T3nd0s Skyrim Redone (AKA SkyRe) 10K+ endorsements. A modular, full gameplay overhaul - Changes races, perks, combat, weapons, armor, magic, thievery, crafting, enchanting, alchemy, standing stones, enemies, encounters and more ** Watch essential video by Gopher! ** Use ReProccer to fix stats. Click here for SkyRe guide. Click here for a list of recommended mods to go with SkyRe.
video link T3nd0's Perkus Maximus Large-scale perk and gameplay overhaul by T3nd0, creator of Skyrim Redone. The successor to Skyrim Redone. Hundreds of new perks, spells and pieces of gear with advanced mechanics.
ACE - Combat Skills 1K+ endorsements. A modular overhaul - Changes combat mechanics, archery (makes long bows and light bows different), armor (makes heavy and light armor different), enchanting, magic, melee perks (makes 1H and 2H different), smithing and speech. Also includes a utitlity (BYOG) to adjust dozens of gameplay attributes in-game (usable with any game). DawnGuard patch available
video link Requiem [SKSE] [DG required to get any updates past version 0.942] 1K+ endorsements. A hardcore realism overhaul mod - Different race stats, Start with lower skills. No Health Regen and slower Magicka Regen. No fasttravel. De-leveled encounters & loot. Less UI sounds. Weapons & arrows do more dmg. Armor protects more. Smarter enemy AI. Harder lockpicking and sneaking. Lower CarryWeight. Arrows & gold have weight. Cutthroat merchants. Increased falling dmg. 1st person messages. New weapons, foods, recipes...Revised perk tree, spells, enchanting, shouts, standing stones, shrines, and much much more! Click here for Requiem discussion forum
video link ERSO _ Erkeil Real Skyrim Overhaul An overhaul using over 25 (optional) modules - Unleveled encounters, modified level progression, more varied races, harder encounters with better AI, stronger NPCs and followers, new travelers and NPCs, and more.
HBE - Hardcore and Balanced Experience A modular hardcore realism overhaul - Changes loot, vendor items, potions, smithing, slower leveling rate, lower carry weight, no fast travel & more to make game more "hardcore" and rewarding. (Still playable but no longer supported)
Skyrim Unleashed Enemies are still leveled but much more difficult. To compensate, enemies don't attack on sight. Loot is unleveled but rare items are VERY rare and VERY expensive. Eating meat gives bonus to weapon dmg, Sweets give bonus to Magicka regen rate. Much more. Designed to work with several other popular mods.
Tytanis - Farming - Mounts - Crafts - Spells - Items - MORE 5K+ endorsements. Adds MANY new craftable items, elemental arrows, enchantments, spells, spell tomes, foods, recipes, horse armor, farming and more.
video link Morrowloot Player can no longer craft Daedric, Orcish, glass, Elven or Dwemer. Must find (logically placed). Removes higher lvl objects from levelled loot lists. Adds them back in as static objects hidden in logical places (Dwemer items in dwemer ruins, Orcish items carried by orcs etc.) Click here or here or here for optional download source by author.)
The secret of steel Changes the leveled item list so there are no longer 'fantasy' (Elven, Dwarven, Orcish, etc) weapons and armor in the game. Only iron, steel, plate, scaled weapons and armor (and hide and leather of course). Click here for DLC patches and tweaks
Immersive Loot and Cells Completely removes Dwarven, Ebony, Glass, Elven, Daedric, Dragonplate & Dragonscale armor,weapons & arrows from most sources (still craftable). Removes enchanted and unenchanted weapons and armor. Orc hunters use Orcish armor/weapons. Removes rare ingots/ores from leveled lists.
310 - Creature Levels
WTF - Random Encounter Zones (by T3nd0, author of SkyRe) Lets player assign the range of encounter levels (min and max) for each encounter zone. Highly configurable/customizable.
Skyrim Scaling Stopper A leveled list overhaul - Most enemies are not leveled (20% lvl 1-15 | 77% Lvl 15-20 | 3% lvl 21+). Weapons & armor of higher quality than steel are rare. Ttreasure is not leveled.

L ASIS-Encounter Zones

(A standalone plugin based on PISE in the ASIS downloads section). Creates semi-static encounter zones ranging 20 levels wide (ie, 35-55, 10-30, etc). Dungeons near cities are the easiest. Dungeons in the far wilderness are set to levels 40, 50, even 60 as a minimum level. Read more...
Enhanced High-Level Gameplay Adds a large quantity of higher-level enemies to autoleveling system to make encounters more challenging at higher levels.
High Level Enemies After level 10, begins adding higher-level versions of existing creatures to keep game challenging. Optional file raises average level of encounters to be closer to player's level. More...
320 - Miscellaneous Gameplay
video link Civil War Overhaul [SKSE] Improves gameplay of Civil War. Battles can be lost and affects game. Improves soldier AI and diversity. Soldiers react to what armor you wear + more
image link SkyTweak - Skyrim Balance Tweaker [SKSE] 1K+ endorsements. Lets you edit over 200 game settings in game through the MCM menu that affect combat, magic, stealth, attributes and much more. Displays modded values from other installed mods and lets you edit them further. Adds hotkey casting (spell does not have to be equipped to cast)
Treebalance - Speech Tree
  • Lets you try yielding to an opponent if losing (in exchange for a little gold).
  • Adds the option of sparing an opponent's life in exchange for gold. (improvves speech skill)
  • Reorganizes the speech tree into 3 forks: Criminal Perks (Bribe and Fence), Salesman Perks (Allure, Merchant, Investor, Master Trader), and Speaking perks (Persuasion, Intimidate)
SIS - Skyrim immersion set A collection of game enhancements that improve immersion and realism - timescale = 8, slower leveling progression, traps are deadlier, dragons spawn 3x slower, merchants have more gold, slower dungeon respawn times, fall dmg = 2x vanilla, higher crime bounties, lower crime range, droppable Barenziah stones, followers will get out of your way more, lockpicks and gold have weight, No NPC greetings, carriages cost more, improved stealth.
video link Project Ultimatum - Gameplay and Roleplay Enhancement Adds or improves up to 12 gameplay features (configurable) - Look at the sun to get the time, tackle enemies, sitting gives a rest bonus, usable grain mills, animated praying and more.
image link No Death Mod Prevents character from dying. When health gets too low, lose consciousness and wake up at a random location in the wilderness with all possessions stolen by bandits (reclaimable)
video link SM Essential Player Dying knocks you to the ground and incurs 5 minutes of penalties. Dying again too soon turns you into a ghost for 5 minutes or 2 game hrs. Can recover loot from dead body. (optional mode: all non-quest loot is lost)
Death has consequences [SD] Applies penalities each time you die. 7 configurable options from mild to severe. Examples: Lose x% of gold, permanently lose a stat point (Health, Magicka or Stamina), receive less experience when gaining skills, lose a point from random skill/s, etc.
video link Achieve That Adds over 100 achievements to the game that bestow player benefits when unlocked (e.g. Read 50 books, clear 10 dungeons, etc)
image link Non-Automatic Skill Books Lets you choose if and when you gain a skill from a book (i.e. Don't read in dungeon. Wait to read/study around the campfire or at an inn). Prompted to learn skill when closing the book. It also adds the name of the skill being leveled to the name of the book i.e. "(Light Armor) The Refugees"
image link Sometimes Pick Up Books [SKSE] Press shift key to just take a book instead of reading it immediately. (Let you wait to read/study around the campfire or inn)
video link Read And Learn Speechcraft Speech Reading books of a certain type increases speech skill - history, poems, stories & tales. (Small skill increase from reading a 2nd time). (Note: Different copies of the same book will increase skill again)
RTR - Real Time Reading 2-4 hrs (random) will pass when reading a book with added animation (Good to use with Expanded Jail Cells)
video link Glowing Ore Veins 300 Ore veins glow so they're more detectable. (click here for a version with less glow)
Faster Mining Strike ore deposit 3 times instead of 9 when mining (same yield)
Mining Extended Mine 1 ore per cycle for every 10 points of smithing (i.e. Smithing of 60 yields 6 ore)
Non Stop Mining And Chopping Hardcore realism - Ore veins are infinite but mining ore takes 4 times longer than Vanilla. (Infinite wood, too)
  DFB - Disabled Woodchop Anim Removes the long animation for wood cutting. (Only affects Player)
RP Chopping and Mining Ore veins are infinite but mining and chopping wood takes time. Click on ore|wood and push "wait" to advance time. Receive x ore|wood per hour (variable by ore type). Works well with Hunger/Thirst mods.
More Firewood per Chop Changes the number of firewood given per chop to 4, 5, 6, 10, 20 or 99
Wood Chopping To Max Carry Weight Player will chop wood until inventory is full (without becoming encumbered)
Acquisitive Soul Gems 5K+ endorsements. Soul gems will not accept a soul that is smaller than the gem (e.g. trapping a petty soul into a grand soul gem)
  Training Dummies and Targets Practice Dummies will now train your Archery, One Handed, Two Handed, and Destruction skills (Fire, Frost, or Shock). Archery increases more the further back you are from the target.
video link Dragon Soul Relinquishment Lets you exchange dragon souls at High Hrothgar for faster shout recovery, stronger shout powers, perk points, increased unarmed dmg or increased carry weight. (Compatible with SkyRe)
Improved Dragon Shouts Makes shouts much more powerful. (higher damage, longer duration, shorter cooldown and/or wider radius) Overpowered on Adept difficulty or lower.
image link DragonFire - Tactically Enhanced Breath Shouts Changes the effects, damage, and visuals for the Fire and Frost Breath shouts to more closely resemble dragon's breath (i.e. more powerful)
Skyrim Unlimited Rings And Amulets 1K+ endorsements. Allows player to wear multiple rings and amulets at the same time. (Extra rings & amulets are not visible but their enchantments will work) (Use EK_LimitedItems to limit number of rings and amulets to your choice)
video link Left Hand Rings 1K+ endorsements. Adds left-handed rings (craftable, enchantable and will will randomly appear in merchant inventories and treasure chests). Allows player and NPCs to visibly wear a ring on each hand in 3rd person view. (Use this mod to make them also visible in 1st person view)
image link TwoRings Lets you wear up to two rings. Only one ring is displayed on character but enchantments from both rings will work.
330 - Economy
video link Trade Routes [SKSE] The successor to Economics of Skyrim - dynamically adjusts the gold value and merchant supply of trade goods to create profitable trade routes. Compatible with SkyRe, DLCs and others.
Economics of Skyrim ** Caution! Can permanently corrupt saved game. No longer supported. Discussion here.** 1K+ endorsements. Merchants stock realistic, un-leveled items based on size of town and resources in their region. Non-local items, if available, cost more. No magic items sold! Prices are regional (possible to profit as a trader). Can pay blacksmiths to craft or improve armor/weapons for you (1 day / item). Can pay court mages to enchant for you. Must pay to rent crafting equipment (optional). Use Economics of Skyrim Recipe Generator to add smithing recipes for non-vanilla equipment.
SME - Skyrim Medieval Economy Loot and vendor overhaul focused on realism and roleplaying (formerly SkBBP - Skyrim Blacksmith and Balance Project). Loot appropriate to NPC type/wealth/location. More variety/clutter. Less gold. Vendors buy/sell items appropriate to their specialty and location. Mostly iron or steel. Nothing enchanted. Vendor disposition affected by favors, factions, appearance. Pricing reset to medieval prices i.e. items cost less/gold worth more. Click here if using Realistic Needs and Diseases.
Darwin's Nightmare Economic hardship - Significantly reduces loot. Generic enemies are poor. Rooms cost 100. Carriages cost 200-500
video link Trade and Barter [SKSE] Adds many user-adjustable factors to bartering such as status, race, location, knowledge, etiquette, etc. Compatible with Economics of Skyrim and SkyRe.
video link Realistic Room Rental Enhanced Assigns realistic prices to renting rooms at an Inn (Prices are configurable). Cost varies by Inn. One night, 3 days and semi-permanent rental arrangements. Meals to your room at some inns. Safe storage in your room. Compatible with LIAT, Expanded Towns and Cities, Towns and Villages Enhanced, Interesting NPCs.
Expensive Investments Increases the price of houses, furniture, horses and followers by 2.5x, 5x or 10x
EPM - Easy Pocket Money Increases value and decreases weight of 60+ items that thieves might steal from homes (e.g. silver bowls, cups, goblets, etc)
Golden Vendors Merchants have more gold and 1 day restock. Choose: Vendors have X times more gold (x2, x3, x5 or x10) or vendors have exact amt of gold (2k, 5k, 10k or 20k)
Rich Merchants Merchants have 10,000 gold or 2,000 gold instead of 750 (choose one)
  Daily Merchant Refresh Merchant's gold/inventory refreshes every day instead of every 2 days
image link Cutthroat Merchants Get less gold when selling items. Pay more gold when buying items. Choose from 4 versions. (see image)
image link Harder Trading with Sell Cap Uses sell caps (instead of barter ratios) to decrease loot value. Aims to to increase significance of quests/jobs. (see image)
video link Bounty Gold Allows player to adjust gold reward amount for bounty quests through the MCM.
Reduced Gold Rewards for Quests Drastically reduces the amount of gold you receive from quests. e.g. a simple "fetch quest" pays 20 - 40 gold (instead of 250 gold).
image link Increased Bounty and Guild Rewards Bounty rewards & Guild rewards are based on your level (e.g. bounty = 30 x level) instead of a fixed amt. (3 versions - low, med & high)
video link Item Rewards For Bounties - WG Receive a random leveled item for bounties plus 250 Gold for Bandits & Forsworn, 500 for Giants & 750 for Dragons
video link Moving Out - Sell Your House Allows you to sell your house back to the stewards & use money to buy a different house. (Get back the base value of gold for the house)
video link Your Market Stall [SKSE] Lets you open a fleamarket stall and sell merchandise to NPCs (Try Adura's Merchant Mod - Player Shops on Steam as an alternative)
image link Spouse Store Mod (** Discontinued due to issues. Author creating a similar replacement.) Sell items through your spouse. Drop off loot...pick up check. $1-52K/week depending on barter skill.
video link RE - Real Estate Become a landlord by purchasing and renting properties like houses, shops, inns, farms and more. Earn weekly revenue from your properties.
image link Bank of Skyrim Exchange heavy gold for promissory notes, take out a 30-day loan or invest your money to earn interest (like taking out a CD). Compatible with Economics of Skyrim.
340 - Magic
video link Midas Magic - Spells in Skyrim 5K+ endorsements. Adds 60+ new and unique spell types. ** Be sure to install Sharlikran's Compatibility Patch, too **
video link Apocalypse Spell Package 1K+ endorsements. Adds over 180+ unique spells and effects
video link Phenderix Magic Evolved 1K+ endorsements. Adds 272 spells. Numerous archetypes.
video link Forgotten Magic Redone [SKSE] Adds 20 spells, each with 10 possible improvements. Spells improve with use. Click video link for brief summary or click here for an indepth video review.
video link Spell Crafting for Skyrim [SKSE] Allows you to create, save and name your own custom spells with varying duration, target type, damage and more.. Combine up to 3 out of 40 magic effects.
video link True Bound Armors 1K+ endorsements. Allows you to conjure semi-transparent magic armor. Click here for True Bound Daedric Armor.
video link The Revenge of Colette - Powers and Spells
for Discerning Adventurers
Gives you stances that enhance your magic. Adds innovative mechanics that enhance gameplay. Can be used alongside other magic mods.
video link Spell Combos Allows you to trigger different effects (explosion, stat debuffs, push, disarm, etc.) when casting different spell combinations in combat. e.g. Ice Spike + Sparks = Superconductor combo.
Autodidact Wizard A new approach to learning spells. Learn primarily through practice and teachers.
image link Battlemages Arcane - Tactical Spellcasting Extends gameplay with new spell options & strategies to overcome difficult odds without being overpowered
Balanced Magic 1K+ endorsements. Makes numerous changes to magic that makes playing a straight mage character possible without being overpowered. Works well but no longer supported. Works with DawnGuard but new DG spells aren't supported. (Click here for updated version)
Better Magic 1K+ endorsements. Progression in mastery of any spell in a school of magic increases duration or magnitude of all spells in that school. Better magic armor. Dual-casting costs less. Better spell finishers. Improved Master spells, more... (Designed to be compatible with other spell mods)
video link Empowered Magic Overhaul of Magic Perk Trees + Magicka regen in combat = 50% (from 33%). Magic skills don't decrease spell cost, they increase magnitude instead.
video link Skyrim Improved Magic System Magic overhaul - more spells, skill perks overhaul, scroll version of all spells, integration with Vanilla spells.
video link Mastered Magicka Spell power scales based on how many points you've invested in Magicka and what perks you have in Spell School skills. Compatible with Balanced Magic and Midas Magic (partially)
Mighty Magick Skyrim [SKSE] A modular collection of ESPs that improve magic with minimal conflict with other mods
Better Wards Rebalances wards - costs less to cast, reduces charge time in half, and follows a linear increase in strength when leveling. (Affects NPC wards, too).
Simple Magic Rebalance [DG] [DB] Effects from potions and enchantments are swapped: enchanted gear increases spell power and potions reduce casting costs.
Auto Magic Scaling Scales the player's magic values by modifying the <School>PowerMod actor variables. Highly configurable
Magic Scaling Makes all schools of magic scale in power based on perks and level!
Armor Affects Magic Each piece of Heavy Armor worn increases casting cost of spells by 20% (Each piece of Light Armor increases cost by 5%/piece). Wearing no armor gives a 10-20% bonus.
video link Spell Eraser Adds a power that lets you remove spells from your character.
Immersive Detect Life Spell Changes Detect Life spell - enemies and friendly NPCs are displayed using the same color. (You'll no longer magically know who is friendly and who is foe)
Invested Magic - A Better Magic Paradigm Makes certain spells permanent until turned off (e.g. armor, light, waterbreathing, summoned creatures, etc)
Increased Spell and Power Durations Offers five duration options each for Candelight, Magelight, Night Eye, Mage Flesh and Cloak spells/scrolls. Made Candelight a Power so you don't have to equip it to cast.
image link Longer Candlelight Spell Makes Candlelight spell last longer (choose 2-minute, 5-minute or 10-minute version)
image link Spell Lumen Creates a hovering light that lasts as long as the spell is cast (i.e. disappears when you stop holding the button) Novice alteration spell.
video link Open and Lock Spells Opens locks that correspond to the spell level - opens locks of same level or lower. The lock spells applies a novice level lock.
video link Magic Duel ...or... Magic Duel: Reborn [SKSE] * No longger supported. Bugs being reported. Allows player to duel against another mage using destruction spells. (Alternate pressing mouse buttons to win) Many configurable options (difficulty, damage, speed, chance of duel & more)
350 - Combat

** Click here for a thorough comparison of Duke Patricks, Duel, Deadly Combat, SkyRe and Ace **

ACE - Combat Skills
L ACE Realistic Fighting Module Information Independent Submodule ACE Realistic Fighting is a completely independent
submodule of ACE - Combat Skills. It can be
downloaded separately at the Downloads page.

A standalone module of the ACE - Combat Skills mod that enhances combat. (compatible with all combat mods)
  1. Applies situational combat modifiers (e.g. chance to stagger or knockdown, chance to do extra dmg, adjusted % to hit critically) depending on:
    1. Target's Stance - sleeping, prone, standing, walking, running or sprinting
    2. Target's Apparel - clothes, light armor, heavy armor
    3. Angle of Attack - front, side, rear
  2. Bows: +7% Dmg when not moving | +15% zoom when crouching/sneaking | +15% Dmg at point-blank range
  3. While holding a torch: 1) Cannot sneak 2) Fire attacks do extra Dmg 3) Frost attacks do less Dmg
  4. Move slower when weapon is drawn (optional)
  5. Stamina Regen Rate & Move Speed are reduced when health or stamina is low. (optional)
video link Duel - Combat Realism 5K+ endorsements. Duel Hardcore v7 = fast paced combat where initiative is a key component. Duel v5 = longer fights where timing block and attack opportunities are key components. Armor more effective, weapons parry better, higher dmg, MUCH higher arrow dmg, shorter attack range, slower health regen, faster Stamina regen, timed blocking = less stamina loss, many ways to stagger or knock down opponent but w/ quicker recovery, MUCH smarter NPC AI (teamwork AI)
video link Deadly Combat 1K+ endorsements. Armor less effective, slower health regen, blocking more effective, higher dmg, locational dmg, shorter attack range, actions lose stamina faster but regen faster, timed blocking = less stamina loss, opponents "stagger" when hit, Smarter NPC AI,
video link Ultimate Combat [SKSE] 1K+ endorsements. Improves enemy AI, adds new special attacks with animations, NPCs use timed blocks + dodge more. stagger resistance with diminishing effectiveness, higher stamina cost but faster regen rate (configurable), headshots+much more.
Duke Patricks - Archery And Heavy Weapons Combat [SKSE] A real-time melee combat simulation mod with re-optimized scripts (faster). Player customizable. Attack range based on 3D weapon model. Real physics weapons speeds. Linear and rotation momentum increases dmg (including horse combat). Locational damage. Realistic “knockback” physics. Realistic stamina burn from blocking and attacking based on physics. Timed blocking, feint attacks, evasive ducking and block attacks. Actors show pain. More immersive kill move events. Realistic bow sway, arrow knocking and string pull.
video link Enemy AI OverHaul---Revenge Of the Enemies [DG] Works with all combat mods. Safe to add/remove at any time. Enemies will use their daily racial abilites, a greater variety of spells, dual wield, block more, dodge more, use more power attacks, etc.
video link Enhanced Enemy AI Improves enemy combat AI. They will use bash, wards, strikes and spells more often and more effectively. Works well with other combat mods.
video link Skills-based Damage and Magnitude Multipliers An elegant solution to keep combat challenging at higher levels - adds a sliding damage multiplier for NPCs and/or player based on the current 1H, 2H, Marksman or Destruction Magic skill. i.e. an enemy's bow attack is increased by 20% when their Marksman skill is 20, by 80% at skill 80, etc. Choose a multiplier of x2, x3, x4 or x5
video link Realistic Ragdolls and Force 10K+ endorsements. Makes characters react more realistically to impacts.
video link NpcHavokHit Adds body impact physics to NPCs i.e. head moves when taking a blow to the head. (Not compatible with Realistic Ragdolls and Force)
video link TK HitStop [SKSE] 1K+ endorsements. Adds 3 visual effects when hitting someone ("hit-stop"," shake camera" and "blur effect") to enhance the illusion of actually hitting them. (watch video) Player customizable.
video link TKDodge [SKSE] Player can Dodge (new animations) left/right/back using double tap or ALT + A S or D. Works with Deadly Combat.
video link Dodge Mod [SKSE] Allows player to make short, quick movements to dodge opponents' attacks. By default, uses sprint key while moving sideways or backwards. Plays animation.
video link Locational Damage [SKSE] 1K+ endorsements. Adds 15 different body zones, each with unique critical hit effects (e.g. staggering, knockback, knockdown, blurred vision...). Percentaged dmg for head, chest & leg area. Works with other combat mods. Customizable. (Not compatible with Player Headtracking)
video link Battle fatigue and injuries [SKSE] Losing 25% Health at once causes an injury (Subtle screen blur). Each injury reduces specific skills depending on location of injury. Injuries can accumulate. Bandages reduce injury effects by half for 12 hrs (treating an injury takes 15 minutes). Sleeping heals injuries.
video link Injure Kit Adds playable arm bandage, head bandage, cuffs & shoe wraps that increase health regeneration by 5% each (cumulative). Craftable at tanning rack using leather strips.
image link Linen Bandages Adds 5 kinds of craftable bandages (from linen) that slowly heal damage over time
video link First Aid Apply bandages after battle to heal. (Add alcohol to bandage to cure disease). Adds penalties and restrictions as Player's Health gets lower.
video link Pseudo parry animation Adds more realistic parrying animations
video link Dual Wield Parrying [SKSE] Allows parrying & blocking while dual-wielding two weapons.
Dual Wield Blocking Animations Adds a blocking animation for Duel Wield Parrying.
video link Sweeping Weapons Makes it possible to hit multiple opponents with one-handed and two-handed weapons. Compatible with the 3 big combat mods.
video link Throwing Weapons - Death From Afar Throw Axes, Knives, Javelins, Potions, Grenades, Torches and more.
video link Throwing Knives WIP Adds throwing knives and axes to the Skyrim armory.
video link Kick Bash Adds several kick attacks. (Replaces bash animation with a variety of kick animations)
video link Grandmaster - True Unarmed and Unarmored Combat Adds unarmed combat moves + optional perks that add magic (chi) to attacks
video link Way of the Monk - Unarmed Overhaul Play as a monk (unarmed combat) - adds 2 new skills, weapons, clothing & armor, perks, enchantments, enemies, & locations to the game.
image link Handyman Lets you attack enemies with basic tools and household items (e.g. pitchfork, shovel, broom, etc)
video link Dynamic Difficulty [SKSE] Modifiers to damage dealt and damage received can be set to a static amount or allowed to adjust dynamically based on length of battles to keep game challenging. (Player configurable)
Custom Difficulty Allows the game difficulty slider to modify dmg received (e.g. .75x, 1x, 2x, 3x) while keeping the modifier for damage dealt constant (choose between .75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x)
video link Phenderix Tool - Edit Weapon [SKSE] Adjust the Base Damage, Speed, Stagger Chance, Max Range or Reach of any weapon using a spell.
Killmove Control Adds a book to inventory - use book to control frequency of kill moves and to enable or disable kill moves.
video link The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod [SKSE] 10K+ endorsements. Adds many new kill moves. Includes configuration options
video link Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod [DB] Press "E" while humanoid opponent is on one knee to rip their heart out.
Disable slow motion for killmoves and forced killcam If you're playing in 3rd person, your killmove will be in real time 3rd person. If you're in 1st person, your killmove will be in real time 1st person.
3rd Person Finishers only Finishing moves will be in 3rd person view if playing if 3rd person view. (Does not affect slow motion).... or try 1st Person Finishers Only
video link Enhanced Blood Textures 20K+ endorsements. Adds features such as decapitated spasms, blood drops when low health, blood pools, blood appears where hit. A bloodier combat experience with higher resolution and detailed textures.
video link Crimson Tide - Blood 5K+ endorsements. *(Mod is outdated but this video will show you how you can still use it.) Adds features such as weapon-specific wounds on body part that was hit, pooling blood, leaking and spurting, blood splatters on screen. Bloodier combat experience with better textures that are less shiny.
video link Bloody Facials Adds a chance of blood spattering on the face of the player and NPCs/monsters during combat. Last 1-10 minutes. Can wash off with water.
360 - Archery

* See Category 160 - UI - Animations for improved archery animations

video link ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks 5K+ endorsements. Offers numerous tweaks for arrows & bolts (many choices) - speed, varied dmg by arrow type, increased dmg options, arrow recovery chances, arrows from loot, arrow from merchant, more. Also includes ini edits to make arrows properly hit where the crosshair is aiming, to make arrows fly farther, and to reduce "aim assist" (arrows still hit if it's a near miss) (Compatible with ACE Archery Module)

ACE - Combat Skills
L ACE Archery Module Information Independent Submodule ACE Archery Module is a completely independent
submodule of ACE - Combat Skills. It can be
downloaded separately at the Downloads page.

Makes long bows and Light bows very different:
  • Long Bows: Heavy, high dmg, fire loudly and slowly, ignore armor. Zoom 30% more than light bows while crouching, great for sniping. Higher arrow speed with more range. Sneak penalty while equipped (optional).
  • Light Bows: Lower dmg, fire fast & silently, strong criticals, great sneak attacks - 2x attack speed of long bows. 4x sneak attack bonus (6x with deadly aim). Higher bonus for critical damage than long bows.
Adds Regular vs Worn arrows. Craft 5 regular arrows from 10 Worn arrows. NPCs properly use their ammo stock. Many changes to Archery perks. Bonus if bow type matches arrow type (optional). Penalty if bow type doesn't match arrow type (optional). Compatible with ABT - Arrows and Bolt Tweaks
video link TK Recoil Adds a recoil effect when shooting a bow, crossbow or staff spell. Highly configurable.
video link Ultimate Spinning Arrows Makes arrows spin realistically in flight. Most obvious during kill cam. (Similar to Archery - Spinning Arrows but with better mod compatibility)
NPCs Use Ammo NPCs use up their arrow stocks during a fight
image link Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows Moves your character's quiver closer to their body so they are no longer floating in mid-air. Also makes arrows longer to more closely match real-world length. Also recommend installing "Fixed Arrow Recovery", an optional plugin in the Downloads section - Fixes arrows so they can be grabbed correctly from objects (See example)
video link Proper Length Arrows Improves the length of arrows to more closely match real-world length
video link Private Selective Quivers Lets you use one quiver for all of your arrows. Only affects player. (Click here to set one quiver for player AND all NPCs)
video link Belt-Fastened Quivers Repositions quivers to a more backpack-friendly position on the belt behind the player and adds a new arrow-drawing animation.
image link Vanilla Tweaks - Arrow pickup fix Fixes arrows so they can be grabbed correctly from objects instead of grabbing at empty space. (See example). Best used on Vanilla length arrows.
image link

Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows
L Fixed Arrow Recovery

Fixes arrows so they can be grabbed correctly from objects instead of grabbing at empty space. (See example). Best used on longer arrows (i.e. when using Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows or Proper Length Arrows). This is an optional plugin in the downloads section for Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows.
video link Proper Aiming Makes arrow properly hit where the crosshair is aiming when shooting in 3rd person view.
image link Better archery Eagle Eye perk Modifies the "Eagle Eye" archery perk so that you have a more powerful zoom and it burns much less stamina.
video link Torch Arrows Adds torch arrows. Targets will catch on fire and take extended burn damage.
video link Water Arrows And Crossbow Bolts [DG] Adds Thief series style Water Arrows that allow you to extinguish lights from a distance.
370 - Weapons and Armor
video link JaySuS Swords 10K+ endorsements. Adds 51 highly detailed, lore-friendly, craftable weapons (mostly steel). ** Install Sharlikran's Compatibility Patch instead! Original mod not required. **
video link Immersive Weapons 10K+ endorsements. A weapons mod compilation adding over 200 high-quality, lore-friendly weapons. Includes Weapons of the Third Era. Does not include JaySuS Swords. All are craftable, upgradable, enchantable and integrated into the game through leveled lists, vendors, placement in dungeons and/or onto specific people.
video link Weapons of the Third Era MoS edition 1K+ endorsements. Adds over 50 highly-detailed weapons from Morrowind (both lore-friendly and oriental-themed). Included in Immersive Weapons. ** Be sure to install Sharlikran's Compatibility Patch, too **
video link Lost LongSwords 1K+ endorsements. Adds craftable, upgradeable and enchantable long swords with scabbard. Added to loot lists and merchants.
video link The Chronicles of Steel -Skyrim- Realswords Adds 75 lore-friendly weapons. Cannot be crafted. Worn and Old varieties have been added to loot lists. New versions can be bought from vendors. All have either steel or bronze hilts (Steel = faster/less dmg. Bronze = slower/more dmg). This gives each weapon a unique feel. Also adds custom Blood Shader UV Maps. Works well with Morrowloot.
video link Heavy Armory - New Weapons Adds clubs, halberds, spears, glaives, shortswords and quarter staves. Used by bandits, guards, Draugr, Falmer and other npc’s or craftable. Already included in SkyRE.
video link Immersive Armors 30K+ endorsements. Adds 22+ armor sets and 12+ new weapons and shields plus eye patches, capes, earrings, scarves, and more! Craftable, upgradable, enchantable and added to loot lists.
video link Omegared99 - Armor Compilation 1K+ endorsements. Adds detailed, lore-friendly armor and weapons.
video link Bucklers - Shields and other Armours Adds craftable bucklers, heavy bucklers and light shields plus lighter version of some heavy vanilla armours.
image link Pauldrons _ Morrowind Style Adds pauldrons (shoulder armor) as its own separate armor piece. Use this mod for separateGreaves.

video link Weapons and Armor Degradation and Repair Weapons and armor degrade with use can be repaired at a blacksmith or with a blacksmith hammer/whetstone. Highly customizable. Works with SkyRe and custom weapon/armor mods.

Realism Mods

400 - Realism
video link Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival Click here for comparison to Hypothermia Frostfall is a survival-style mod that adds Cold Weather Survival elements to the game. Adds craftable camping equipment, backpacks, warm clothing and armor and more. Clothing can affect warmth (optional). Choose from 3 realism level presets.
video link Hypothermia Click here for comparison to Frostfall Core body temp drops and rises depending on actions/environment. Includes hand warming animation.
video link Cloaks of Skyrim 20K+ endorsements. Adds cloaks that provide extra warmth for Frostfall mod
video link Winter is coming - Cloaks 10K+ endorsements. Adds thick cloaks that provide extra warmth for Frostfall mod
video link Footprints 10K+ endorsements. Players, NPCs and creatures leave footprints as they walk
video link Get Snowy Causes snow to lay on clothing of PC and NPCs when snowing
video link Wet and Cold Cold: When it's cold, everyone's breath is realistically visible. NPCs will equip fur hoods and gloves. NPCs will go home if there's a blizzard. Keep head down during snow or be periodically blinded.
Wet: When wet, water will drip from body parts. When it's raining, NPCs will don rain hoods and go home. Rain temporarily blinds you when looking up.
video link Wet and Cold - Ashes [DB] A Wet and Cold addon for Dragonborn DLC. Adds 3 types of ash fall weathers to Solstheim. Player gets dusty from ash. Keep head down or wear goggles during ash storm to avoid watery eyes.
video link Splash of Rain 1K+ endorsements. Adds realistic rain splash effects to ground and uncovered surfaces when it rains. Adds sound of rain to interiors (optional). Compatible with all mods.
video link Real Shelter (CoT) | Real Shelter (non-CoT) Provides shelter from the rain in outdoor area that have overhead cover. (Choose correct download - playing with or without Climates of Tamriel)
video link Morning Fogs Adds a mysty fog over water from 4am - 7am at the docks of many towns.
video link Supreme and Volumetric Fog Same as "Morning Fogs" but also makes foggy weather much foggier
video link Water - Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux Watch comparison video 25K+ endorsements. Realistic water - rivers flow in one direction, ocean waves flow towards coast, water drop riplets, some smaller boats bob in the water, realistic waterfalls...
video link Pure Waters Watch comparison video 5K+ endorsements. More realistic looking water with the lowest performance hit of the three water mods.
video link Realistic Water Two Watch comparison video 2K+ endorsements. Separates lakes, ponds, rivers and ocean waters to give each water type its own unique colors, textures, water motions, and ambient sound effects. Waterfalls flow faster and water is louder where appropriate. Makes some boats, including long boats, bob in the water. Click here for a comparison to Pure Waters
video link Fire and Ice Overhaul Fire magic makes objects catch on fire and the fire will spread to nearby flammable objects. Extinguish fires with frost spells. Use Frost spell to create walls of ice.
video link Burn Freeze Shock Effects 1K+ endorsements. Applies realistic fire, ice and shock spell effects i.e. burnt/frosted/calcinated skin, charred or frozen bodies, etc.
video link Dynamic Fires Adds ability to light fires with torch or fire spell and extinguish fires with the frost spell (Note: Frostfall lets you light fires with a torch.) ** Not compatible with Frostfall 2.5+ **
video link Fires Hurt Standing in fire will burn the player. Also consider Hot Volcanic Water (boiling geysers hurt)
video link Smoking Torches Makes torches give off smoke
image link Chimneys for Skyrim Adds chimneys with chimney smoke to villager's homes in 5+ locations.
video link collecting Firewood Gives you the ability to collect firewood instead of chopping it.
video link Dynamic Things - Woodpiles and Barrels... [SKSE]
  • Convert any container into a "safe-storage" container by simply putting something into it. (Make any house/cave/fort into a player home)
  • All keg barrels are functional - contain mead/water/blood/etc. Payment required first. Fill empty bottles.
  • Lets you harvest firewood/deadwood from bushes/trees/woodpiles/fallen trees/driftwood, etc. Can chop down trees.
  • Makes all barrels/crates into active containers with "intelligent" ingredients.
  • Using a training dummy/archery target will increase appropriate skill
video link Rainbows Rainbows are visible when the time and weather conditions are just right (from the author of Shooting Stars)
video link Shooting Stars Shooting stars can be seen between 8:30pm and 6:00am (and VERY infrequent meteor showers and meteor storms)
video link Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM 20K+ endorsements. Makes barrel lids and drawers move realistically when checking their contents plus improves mesh on many objects.
video link Dead Body Collision Fix 1K+ endorsements. Makes dead bodies solid so you can collide with, stand on or stack any corpse including dragons, mammoths, etc.
video link Skyrim Hair Physics Project Makes hair move realistically
video link Flowing Cape With Physics [DG] Adds a cape with realistic physics
video link Waves [DB] Makes waves appear along the Coast
video link CP Apple Trees Adds harvestable apple trees around Skyrim with Havok physics-enabled apples - pluck by hand or shoot off of tree with an arrow.
A Place to Sleep Adds or modifies sleepable surfaces at locations around the world
video link Another Sleep Mod Shows animation of player going to sleep and waking up. (This mod has no issues with eyes remaining closed after waking up)
video link Alcohol Drunk Effect Adds 3rd person drinking animation, animated stumble and visual blur effect when alcoholic drinks are consumed.
video link Get Drunk Adds progressively worse radial blur, distortion, stumbling, and other inebriation effects after consuming Nord Mead, Alto Wine, Spiced Wine, and many other alcoholic beverages
video link Katixa's Refillable Potions Makes Stamina, Magicka and Healing potions refillable at Alchemist shops
image link Collect water from wells Use wells in Vanilla towns, markets and forts to fill empty waterskins/bottles with spring water. Compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases
video link Drinking Fountains of Skyrim Adds several drinking fountains around Skyrim. Activating a fountain will give you three bottles of water. If in 3rd person, an animation will play. (Click here for Dragonborn expansion)
video link Katixas Usable Barrels Makes almost all barrels around the world usable (inns, dungeons, forts, etc.) (Gives back an empty bottle when done drinking it)
image link Drinking Gives You Bottles Adds an empty bottle to your inventory after you drink alcohol. Empty bottles reweighted from 0.5 to 0.1
video link Skooma Drug Effect Adds drugged effect (see video). (Optional file - effect only in 1st person view)
video link Player Headtracking Your character will turn his/her head to focus on other actors appropriately... similar to how NPC's behave in the game.
video link NoMaaM Breathing Idles BBB Adds a realistic breathing motion to the standard idle animation
image link Syynxs Lowered Hands Removes empty fist from view in 1st person (idle fist is lowered off of the screen)
image link Lower 1st Person Weapons - change weapon height Lowers your weapons in first person mode. Makes weapons less intrusive, especially for dual wielding.
video link Skyrim Heart Rate Heart rate affects stamina regeneration. Long term stamina affects speed. Resting serves a real purpose.
video link Pumping Iron - Dynamic Muscle Growth [SKSE] Character's weight (size) increases over time. Increases in combat skills will increase weight. Changes apply after sleeping well. Can track progress. Reach max weight around level 40 - 50.
video link Improved Weapon Impact EFFECTS Correct Metal Hitting metal or stone with your weapon will create sparks (see video for Before & After)
video link Dual Sheath Redux [SKSE] 5K+ endorsements. Places staves and shield on back when weapons are sheathed. Shows both left and right-handed weapons as sheathed when dual-wielding. Compatible with Equipping Overhaul
video link Equipping Overhaul [SKSE] An improved version of Armed to the Teeth - easy version - all favorited weapons are visible on your character, current weapon or torch drops to the ground when fast-drawing a different weapon (optional), and torches stay lit when dropped. Compatible with Dual Sheath Redux.
video link Armed to the Teeth Makes all sheathed weapons visible on the character. (i.e. they don't disappear when you switch weapons). Watch video! (Click here for compatibility patches)
video link Greatsword sheaths and scabbards Adds scabbards for 2-handed Greatswords on your back (instead of swords floating on your back)
image link Fully Animated Meals Potions Adds accurate eating and drinking animations for potions, meads, wines, ales, soups, cheeses, stews, sweetrolls, apples cooked beef, venison, chicken, pheasant, rabbit, horker and more. Not compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases. Requires FNIS. Click here for compatibility patches - Realistic Needs & Diseases & Imp's Complex Needs.
  Eating and Drinking animations (looping-free) Plays brief animation of drinking or eating bread. No action needed to stop animation (only lasts a few seconds)
image link Dine with Followers [SKSE] Followers will sit and eat with you.
  Better Breath Holding Lengthens the time your character can hold their breath underwater.
image link Cavern Pitfalls WIP Adds pitfalls to some of the Caverns that have open sky lights
  Bring Out Your Dead Adds immersion by expanding the # of graves given to unique PCs
video link Open Cities Skyrim Allows player to enter and leave the 5 cities without a loading screen. (Can ride a horse into the city).
video link School of Knowledge and Youth Children of Whiterun attend school 5 days / week. Adds a school, teacher and new AI. Click here for a similar mod by the same author that adds a school to Solitude and Markarth.
410 - Roleplaying
video link Alternate Actors Allows you to assume full control over anyone in the game. Alternate playing as the mage, fighter or thief in your adventure party!
image link Professions
  1. [SKSE] Makes game time pass (player-configurable) when crafting, cooking, enchanting, mining, woodchopping, etc. Solves the problem of leveling too quickly from rapidly crafting 20 potions/daggers and having too much money from selling crafted items. Works best with a basic needs mod.
  2. Optional feature: Choose from 9 professions and receive bonuses/penalties for doing/not doing work related to your profession. Note: it's beneficial to wear activity-appropriate clothing.
video link Faction: Pit Fighter 1K+ endorsements. Bet on fights or compete in underground pit fights by joining a pit fighter faction. by ThirteenOranges. Also consider this add-on.
video link Adolif's -The Windhelm Pit- Fight in an arena in Windhelm similar to the one in Oblivion. Win 200 gold per fight.
video link Helgen Reborn 1K+ endorsements. The equivalent of a DLC. Rebuild Helgen from the ground up, train guards to protect it, fight the Thalmor and much more. Fully voiced actors. 4-6 hours of gameplay.
video link Become High King of Skyrim Become king through marriage or assassination. Adds NPC interactions with numerous features to appoint, recruit and command subjects while living in a castle. Improvements are ongoing.
video link LC-Become King of Riverhelm 1K+ endorsements. Rule a fortress as King. Collect taxes, Generate attacks on castle. Adds 4 Knight followers, coat of arms, 100 NPCs, jester, arena, sewers, baker, , armory, stable with 2 horses.
video link Millwater Retreat Restore an old building into your home and customize it. Build a mill and operate your own milling business. No DLCs required.
video link Katixas Ciderhouse Restaurant Manage a restaurant and make your own cider in a very detailed and realistic manner.
video link Katixas Beer Brewery Brewery sim - realistically brew beer at a new brewery. Each step of the processes is covered in great detail
video link Tytanis - Farming - Cultivation STANDALONE Plant, grow and harvest plants on your own farm. (An optional standalone mod of Tytanis)
video link Plant Trees Enables you to plant seeds that slowly grow into mature trees. Grow your own money-making tree farm.
video link Highland Milk Farm Adds a milk farm & the ability to milk all cows in Skyrim. Adds flour to leveled lists. Farm sells pancakes & omelettes.
image link Smash It Up - Functional Mills Makes GrainMills and WindMills functional. Adds recipes to produce flour, fish oil, bone meal, powdered tusk, fire salts, frost salts, void salts, glow dust and ectoplasm.
image link Whetstones - Immersive Super Nifty and Extremely Portable Sharpen your bladed weapons at your campsite using a portable whetstone. (Only improve the item half as much as a grindstone) Includes animation.
video link Tailoring Adds a tailoring workshop. Create cloths and dyes and craft clothing at a loom.
video link Jobs of Skyrim Adds over a dozen types of jobs. Various NPCs will give you radiant quests related to your job. WIP (See Professions for similar mod)
image link Traders of Skyrim ENG Makes trading as a career possible - adds 5 merchants selling unique commodities that sell for higher price at other locations. A 2nd mod allows you to buy 9 vanilla shops that generate a high regular income. (NOTE: Economics of Skyrim also allows profit through trade)
image link Calling Card Fence Lite Adds a fence, Destiny Blaise, to the Bannered Mare who will buy your stolen goods. She also provides 'Calling Cards' to leave on the bodies of those you kill. Can customize .png card.
video link Graduate at the Bards College Learn to play & then earn $$ playing in s. (no singing). Enroll in Bard's college, pass 4 courses to graduate.
video link Adopt a Child Lets you adopt a child from the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften.
Make any child your follower Allows you to make any child as your follower. They can do all things that vanilla followers can do.
video link Build Your Own Home Allows you to build home piecemeal (by waterfall)
image link Breezehome FullyUpgradable Adds realistic expansion to breezehome - starts out empty but can be upgraded piece by piece to include all crafting implements through The Jarl's Steward Proventus. (Works with DLCs installed)
video link Home Construction and Decoration Buy a deed, gather materials and build your home anywhere. Craft furniture and decorate it how you want. Adjust item placement easily with your mouse.
image link The FPI Gallery for Console Decorators [DG+HF+DB] Use the console to decorate your home in-game with over 1700 hand-placeable items from all of the DLCs and many modder's resource packs. Also lets you travel via console to an Ikea-like gallery to view/browse all 1700 items.
video link Buyable Paintings and Pictures - Place Anywhere Craft frames, buy paintings and then hang them in your home (or anywhere you want)
video link Painting in Skyrim Lets you paint your own paintings in-game using an easel, brush, paints, etc. Hang paintings anywhere or sell them. Choose from over 100 paintings or use your own images.
video link Placeable Statics - Move Anything Move, rotate and place furniture and other items wherever you want (from the creator of Buyable Paintings and Pictures). Compatible with Decorator Assistant
Decorator Assistant Gives greater precision and control in placing objects than the vanilla grab function. Compatible with Placeable Statics - Move Anything
More Interactive Items - Grab Moveable Statics Enables grabbing, throwing, pushing, pulling, taking, buying and selling of 87 pre-exisiting moveable static forms including bowls, cups, plates, ewers, bones, logs, pottery, small stone blocks, knives, forks, urn fragments, etc.
image link The Grytewake Legend - Quest and moveable ship Adds a quest with a ship (player home) as the reward. Ship can fast travel to 4 locations.
video link The Okaazah - Player-Owned Ship with Crew & Travel System Adds a player-owned ship with crew. Use map behind wheel to fast travel between destinations.
video link Gokstad Sailable Ship and Portable Player Home Lets you sail a viking ship in real-time with animated oars and sails. Attack while sailing. Also use as a player home (choose from 3 interiors)
video link Sailable Ships of Skyrim [SKSE] Adds a dock, rowboat and longboat with small interior that acts as player home. Recruit crew for longboat. Includes land collision detection.
video link Pilotable Rowboat BETA - Adds a drivable rowboat to Riften docks. Install Finally Real Boats to replace all rowboats with this Pilotable Rowboat. ** Author invites anyone to continue development **
video link Driveable Boats!!! BETA - Adds a driveable boat! (Press "W" to go forward & steer w/ mouse. Can use bow & cast spells while in boat. Compatible with "Fishing in Skyrim".** Author invites anyone to continue development **
video link Fishing in Skyrim 1K+ endorsements. Adds working fishing nets & fishing poles (set pole then add meat, bugs or fish from inventory as bait). Use different bait to catch different fish. Chance to find lost relics. Adds a fishing pole vendor. Compatible with "Improved Fish" and Driveable Boats!!!
video link Hunterborn [SKSE] 1K+ endorsements. Changes animal loot into a menu-driven system that lets you pick up, field dress, skin, harvest, and butcher. Skinning animals takes time. Adds hunting knives, new alchemy ingredients/effects, and cooking recipes. Patches available for Realistic Needs and Diseases and Frostfall.
video link Hunting in Skyrim Adds a hunter's guild, hunting quests and animal dens, skinning system, trophy crafting, better hunting prices, new skills & perks (optional) & more. Compatible with Real Wildlife & Trophy Hunting.
video link Trophy Hunting Learn taxidermy. Craft trophies from your kills. Sell trophies or mount them in your player home.
A Hunters Life - Hunting Overhaul Adds more value to pelts & tusks. Use salt at tanning rack to treat hide (increases value). Make into fine rugs for more profit.
video link Tameable Wolves/Foxes Tame a wild fox by feeding it a rabbit haunch. Tame a wild wolf by feeding it a venison chop. (watch video)
video link Dice Game in Taverns Adds an NPC with dice to of each major city. Bet gold to play. Click dice to roll again.
video link Northern Bathhouses Adds bathhouses to Markarth, Solitude, Morthal, Whiterun, Dawnstar and Riften
video link Enhanced Hotpools Adds chairs around the hotpool edges that your Dragonborn and followers can sit on and relax.
video link Breezehome Addition - Bathing Area Adds a bathing area to the player home in Whiterun. Supports followers.
video link Bury The Dead [SKSE] Lets you bury your fallen companion. Leaves a permanent tombstone behind for posterity that you can read.
420 - Basic Needs
video link Realistic Needs and Diseases 5K+ endorsements. 5-6 stages of Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue/Inebration. (rate configurable rate). Diseases get progressively worse. Food loot reduced. Food spoilage. Refill water in rivers (boil or risk disease). Click here for a mod that changes "reduced carry weight" penalties.
video link Imps More Complex Needs 1K+ endorsements. Hyper-realistic hunger/thirst/sleep. Basic mode - manage satiation, calories, hydration & sleep. Complex mode adds protein, nutrients, alcohol, caffeine, mental fatigue, physical fatigue & morale. Running burns calories. Food can spoil (optional), food likes/dislikes that affect morale, food eaten at an inn or by a fire has higher appeal, eating/drinking animations (optional), water bottles, adjustable dynamic timescale. Compatible with many recipe mods.
SkyRealism - Feast and Famine [SKSE] New recipes + more complexity (adds yeast + dough). Foods add buffs. Burn up to 4K ml of H20/day. Gain 900ml/drink. Burn up to 7K calories/day. Gain 100-2K calories/meal. Lack of rest lowers HMS regen rate & speed.
video link Drink Eat Sleep Bathe User-adjustable rates and thresholds for hunger, thirst, tiredness and cleanliness. Hunger affects recovery rate of Health and Magicka. Thirst affects recovery rate of stamina and shout recovery. Being tired retards skill improvement, attack dmg and spell effectivness. Cleanliness affects speechcraft.
Gromits Cooking Recipes - Food - Drink Overhaul Eating/drinking provide buffs and/or increase regen rate of H/M/S. 4 Ranks of food. Adds 51 recipes.
Eat and Sleep [SKSE] Automatically eat/drink from inventory every 6 hours. (can be turned off). After 12 hrs of hunger or thirst, -2 penalty to Magicka and Stamina per hour (stackable). Each food item spoils at 1 of 3 rates. Can be set to automatically remove nearby food. Adds waterskin & blanket. 15 mins passes when eating.
430 - Camping
image link Pocket Campsite Lets you build an elaborate camp, fortress or even a town. Includes every conceivable camp item plus furnture. Build walls and more.
video link Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger 1K+ endorsements. Create flat terrain tiles. Exact placement options. Can enter tent and setup interior of tent including alchemy table and tanning rack. Can setup traps to catch food. Adds campfire interactions: read, meditate, warm hands, clean weapons, play a lute or flute.
video link Portable Campsite Full and Lite version available
image link Camping Lite A tent, a fire and a small sitting log that can be installed in a fast efficient way.
video link Craftable and Placeable Havok-enabled Bedrolls Adds craftable bedrolls from bear and Sabre Cat pelts. Bedroll will tilt, angle, etc. to match the ground beneath and can be repositioned. Great when a tent doesn't make sense (Keep tent on horse and bedroll on person)
440 - Traps
Tougher Traps Higher dmg for all traps (individually customized) with percentage of damage mantained throughout leveling up. Spears/Swinging Blades/Maces cause visual stagger. Darts are now poisoned. Spears have 10% - 20% chance of disease. NOTE: By design, the Lightfoot Perk only gives you a 75% chance to walk on a pressure plate without triggering it...not 100% :)
Killing Traps Increase the dmg of all traps by 3.8x - simple and to the point (works on all traps)
Traps Make Noise When traps are triggered, nearby enemies will be alerted. Each trap type generates an appropriate degree of "sound".
image link Subliminal Traps Makes pressure plates and tripwires harder to see
video link Deployable Traps Adds variety of traps the player can use: bear, oil, barricade, rocks, caltrops, & more (Works with Sands of Time)
video link Hunter Traps Adds craftable bear traps
450 - Diseases
image link Diseased Makes diseases progress realistically from mild to severe symptoms. Progression or recovery depends on health, rest, medicine, potions and blessings. Alchemy skill and books help diagnose which disease. Adds new medicine recipes that cure specific diseases. Compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases
image link Chicken Soup of Cure Disease Cure an illness (disease) by eating soup. Resting in bed is optional (roleplay)
460 - Timescale
[CONSOLE] set timescale to 6 Use the console (~) to set the Timescale for your game.
  • set timescale to 20: 1 min in real life = 20 mins ingame. 1 day = 1 hr  and 12 mins (This is the default)
  • set timescale to 10: 1 min in real life = 10 mins ingame. 1 day = 2 hrs and 24 mins
  • set timescale to 6: 1 min in real life = 6 mins ingame. 1 day = 4 hrs
  • set timescale to 5: 1 min in real life = 5 mins ingame. 1 day = 4 hrs and 48 mins ** < 5 will break quests **
  • show timescale: View the current timescale
    NOTE: See Professions mod to make time pass realistically when doing activities.
Timescales modified Choose from a variety of ESPs to set timescale. Sets a static timescale for all activities. (Or use console command above)
SkyRealism - Time Scale and Travel Speed Changes the TimeScale to 6 i.e. 1 second real time = 6 seconds game time. (default is timescale 20 i.e. 1 second real time = 20 seconds game time)
Dynamic TimeScale with Autosaave Adjusts the game's TimeScale dynamically based on the player's circumstances. Fully configurable. Can also perform an AutoSave at regular intervals or after certain events.
Auto-save and time [SKSE] Dyanmic timescale that varies by situation (configurable). Timescale while traveling increases 1 per sec to "virtually" increase distance. Automatic autosaves at key moments and intervals. Also adds regular notifications of time In-Game and real time spent playing.

Weather & Lighting Mods

500 - Weather
video link Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting - Audio 20K+ endorsements. A weather and lighting overhaul - Adds over 500 weather systems. Works well with Realistic Lighting Overhaul. Check out this weather patch to improve overcast, rainy and foggy weathers. Not compatible with RCRN or RLwC. Not compatible with More Rain, More Snow or Immersive Skyrim Thunder.
video link Seasons of Skyrim Project Provides two different standalone landscapes - Summer Edition turns all of skyrim into summer. Winter Edition turns all of skyrim into Winter. Compatible with COT, RLO and ELFX.
video link Real Clouds Adds realistic 3-D volumetric clouds. Reacts to weather. Compatible with weather mods.
video link Immersive Skyrim Thunder 5K+ endorsements. Adds better rain and thunder sound effects. Works with Lightning during Thunder Storms. Not compatible with Climates of Tamriel.
video link Lightning during Thunder Storms 1K+ endorsements. Adds lightning strike effects during rain storms. (Player-configurable options for frequency, distance & more). If using with Climates of Tamriel (recommended), also install this patch by the same author so lightning will strike appropriately with the weather.
video link Supreme Storms Makes rain storms and snow storms more intense (does not affect normal rain and snow). Reduced distant view and wind buffs. Compatible with all environmental mods like Climates of Tamriel, RCRN, and RLwC
video link Real Rain 1K+ endorsements. Makes rain denser, more random and more natural looking. Optional file enhances weather transitions and the sounds of rain/thunder. Basic version works well with RLwC and CoT
video link More Snow Increases amt of snow, wind sounds and/or reduces viewing distance during medium and heavy snow weather. Not compatible with CoT
510 - Lighting

Section Video:video link Click here to watch a comparison of lighting using CoT, RLO and ELFX (by Gopher)

video link Realistic Lighting Overhaul 10K+ endorsements. No performance decrease at all. Does not use post-processing. Edits over 10,000 light sources to make light function more realistically. Enhances interior and exterior lighting. Fixes shadow striping. Removes interior fog. Spells emit light. Much More. Compatible with Climates of Tamriel.
video link Enhanced Lights and FX 10K+ endorsements. Enhances interior lighting of College of Winterhold, inns of major cities and many other locations to create a more dramatic and realistic mood. (MUST SEE Screenshots). Works well with RCRN and Climates of Tamriel. Compatible with Lanterns of Skyrim and .
video link RCRN -- HDR Lighting and Weather Enhancement 1K+ endorsements. Highly tuned lighting. Weather and lighting sources are dynamically generated. Volumetric fog. Use RCRN customizer to choose presets and customize. Only small FPS hit (5fps)
video link Ultra Realistic World Lighting 1K+ endorsements. Makes the lighting more realistic with zero performance loss. Simple one-click install/uninstall. No external adjustments required.
video link Immersive Interiors WIP - An interior lighting overhaul. Makes windows transparent. Interior spaces will reflect outdoor lighting, weather and sound. (Not compatible with Realistic Lighting Overhaul)
video link DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field 5K+ endorsements. Adds dynamic depth of field to add a cinematic experience
video link IMAGINATOR - Visual Control Device for Skyrim 1K+ endorsements. Adds an in-game tool to control visual elements like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sky Brightness, Sunlight Output, Bloom and Tint
video link Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One Watch comparison video 5K+ endorsements. Adds lighting around roads, bridges, villages, settlements, etc. Works best with RCRN - Realistic Colors & Real Nights.
video link Claralux - More and Brighter Lights Watch comparison video 1K+ endorsements. Adds lighting around roads, bridges, villages, settlements, etc. Configurable in-game. Works with Ultra Realistic World Lighting and Realistic Lighting Overhaul
video link Skyrim - jumping shadows Fix A Skyrim.ini tweak to make shadows move more smoothly
520 - Torches
video link Wearable Lanterns 5K+ endorsements. Adds a craftable, wearable, Travel Lantern that can be hooked onto your belt or carried in your hand. Uses Oil.
Candle Lanterns of the North - Wearable Lanterns Add-On Allows you to pick up and use the 1400+ Candle Lanterns found throughout Skyrim. Uses candles instead of oil. Also lets you craft lanterns. Requires Wearable Lanterns.
image link True Torches 1K+ endorsements. Increases torch light radius from 712 to 762. Increases torch light shadow radius from 512 to 762. Increases torch life time from 4 minutes to 12 minutes
SM Drop Lit Torches Equipped torch will drop to floor when switching to a weapon/spell/shield
Torch Hotkey [SKSE] Adds a rebindable torch hotkey to free a vanilla hotkey. Choose a key when first loading the mod.
image link Light up the night - People Have Torches NPCs use torches
Extinguishable And (Re)lightable Fires As a feature of the Sneak Tools mod, extinguish or light any Vanilla campfire, candle or wall-mounted torch using frost of fire spell or water and fire arrows.
video link Double Torch Radius Doubles the torch light radius without adjusting the intensity, color or duration.
video link Brighter Torches with Bigger Radius Increases radius of torch light and makes torch light brighter.
Torch of Everlasting with Dynamic Shadows Torches burn longer, brighter and/or have greater light radius. Optional version casts dynamic shadows. Duration options: 4 min, 10 min or forever. Light radius options: Default, 2x or 4x. Brightness options: Default, 1.5x or 2x.
image link Torches for Skyrim NPCs use them more, more common in loot, higher light radius
video link Lanterns and Candles Adds place-able lanterns and candles that can be crafted at a forge. Drop from inventory, activate to lock in place then activate again to turn flame on/off.
Usable Lantern Adds a lantern you can use to light up areas. Often used in conjunction with with Better Wieldable Lantern.
image link Better Wieldable Lantern Adds craftable lanterns. Often used in conjunction with Usable Lantern.

Travel Mods

600 - Speed
Realistic Running Speed Adjusts the speeds of the player, NPCs and horses to give a more realistic feel (generally about 20% slower) while maintaining a good game flow. Matches speed of NPCs to the player.
video link Realistic Humanoid Movement Speed Adjusts the speeds of the player, NPCs and horses (optional) to give a more realistic feel (much faster walk speed, slightly slower run speeds) while maintaining a good game flow. Matches speed of NPCs to the player. Watch video!
image link Skyrim Speeds - walk run sprint horses werewolves People = 75% faster walk. Horses = 50% faster walk and 25% faster sprint. Use with Same Walk and Run Speeds to match speed of NPCs to player.
** Install "Skyrim Speeds" app from this mod's download section to auto-generate a mod with your own custom speed preferences.
image link Speed Revised V2 People = faster walk and sprint, slower run. Horses = faster walk, run and sprint. Also matches the speeds of NPCs to the player. (see image for speed values)
Same Walk and Run Speeds Makes NPCs walk at same speed as PC. Recommended if using a mod that changes vanilla walk speed.
Syynxs Hardcore Armor Speed Wearing armor slows you down (-5% for each piece of heavy armor, -3% speed for each piece of light armor)
SME - Roleplaying Speeds Individually modifies the 4 directions of movement when a weapon is equipped with different speeds for each weapon type (e.g. 2H = slow side straffing and very slow movement when bow is drawn). Also adjusts all normal movement speeds to be more realistic (slower)
Running Drains Stamina Running drains stamina. You can still run if your stamina is 0 but won't regen until you stop or walk. Use with this mod to make stamina drain faster as weight increases.
Stamina Rush [SD] Running drains stamina. You can't run when stamina = 0. Customizable.
Momentum [SD] Accelerate as you run, adjust speed via keyboard. Works with 1.8 and DawnGuard. (NOTE: Don't use optional encumbrance plugin).
610 - Horses
video link Convenient Horses [SKSE] 10K+ endorsements. 17+ features (too many to list) with many customizable options (WATCH THIS VIDEO).
image link Horse commands [SKSE] Adds saddlebags, horse encumbrance (adjustable), commands, improved horse AI (stay or follow intelligently), lets followers ride and more.
video link Convenient Horse Herding [SKSE] An extension of Convenient Horses - Manage your own herd of horses. Rename, set herd camp, have herd follow you, buy guardian dogs to protect your herd, more.
Horse Branding Adds 3 branding irons which let you mark any horse as belonging to you or your followers. Recommended by Ultimate Follower Overhaul
video link Horse Trotting instead of Walking Replaces the horse walk animation with a horse trot animation and increases the "walk" speed.
video link Oblivious Horses Horses won't attack, won't be attacked and will only run a short distance away when near danger. Optional: make horse essential, have more stamina and/or faster20% faster. (NOTE: This feature is included in Convenient Horses)
[CONSOLE]setav confidence 0 To stop your horse from attacking enemies, open the console, click on your horse with the mouse and type: setav confidence 0 (NOTE: This feature is included in Convenient Horses)
Horse Whisper --- Horse Calling - Horse Locating Adds word of power to "Call" your horse (RUNS to player) or "Track and Call" (adds horse as Misc quest + sets quest as active so horse can be seen on map).
video link Horse Fast Dismount Allows you to dismount your horse instantly. (NOTE: This feature already included in Convenient Horses)
video link More Saddles A variety of saddles for your horse (purchased at stables) that realistically depict your horse carrying a lot of equipment (see video)
video link Tytanis - Horse Armor Vendor STANDALONE Horse vendor at Whiterun Stables sells horse armor (applied to last horse ridden). This is an optional standalone portion of the Tytanis Mod.
Horses walk at double speed and run faster Makes horses walk 2x faster than vanilla and also run/sprint 75% faster. Click here to create your own custom speed settings.
Ridin Dirty Adds perks that improve mounted combat. Compatible with all horse mods. Only modifes the Light Armor perk tree.
video link Mounted Casting [SKSE] Lets you cast spells while on horseback. Caution: Buggy.
video link Slimmer Horse Shape Horse is shaped more realistically (changes mesh).
image link About Horses Replaces the vanilla horse models with a custom mesh and skeleton. Makes horses less fat and taller.
video link More Stables Adds 2 stables with excellent custom voice dialogue - a white horse @ Dragon Bridge & a Dun horse at Ivarstead. (5 horses available in Vanilla)
image link Lesser Hold Stables Adds 4 stables (Falkreath, Dawnstar, Morthal, and Winterhold). Horses are faster than Vanilla. Cost 1000g.
620 - Carriages
video link Gypsy Eyes Caravan A drivable player home! Hitch your house and drive it or deploy it as a player home with popout sides for tons of crafting and living amenities. Compatible with UFO & Convenient Horses.
video link Touring Carriages A recreation of Scenic Carriages and Real Carriages - Lets you and (up to) 3 followers travel by carriage in real time between the 9 holds. Install or uninstall safely at any time, even while staring at a carriage.
video link Dragonkiller Cart Reloaded Adds a drivable cart + storage and camping gear. Hook up your horse to a cart and drive it. Followers can travel in the back. (Read here how to setup a caravan)
  SRM Companion Cart Adds a drivable cart. Can carry up to 600 lbs. Can carry companions.
630 - Fast Travel
video link Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships 1K+ endorsements. Adds carriages to over 2 dozen locations and ships to 3 cities so you can fast travel to every town and village. (more immersive than fast travel). Not compatible with Better Villages or Extended Ivarstead. Includes an optional ESP to disable fast travel altogether.
Travel Mounts - for fast travel Requires you to be mounted on a horse to fast travel
video link Travelling Caravan Home abode Fast travel to 15 locations in a horse-led wagon player home with bed, cooking spit, storage, travel map and more. (Try Gypsy Eyes Caravan for a drivable version)
Expanded Carriage Service Adds new carriages to minor holds. (NOTE: Allows you to travel FROM minor holds but does not add minor holds as a destination)
Cart in Each Big Town Adds carts to various holds and provides a roleplay way to fast travel to smaller towns. ** needs updated. some issues **
video link Travel by Boat An immersive and lore-friendly way to fast travel by boat. Plays an animation of the boat departing.
video link TravelBoats Adds a boat every few hundred feet on the river. Click E to fast travel to next boat.

Encounter Mods

700 - Followers
video link Vilja in Skyrim (Whiterun) 10K+ endorsements. 4000 lines of custom dialogue, detailed backstory and personality, custom quest and possible romance. Disposition system (your actions affect her disposition to you). Spar with her. She can craft, cook, mine and even shop for you. You can be her Follower. Has her own horse.
video link Arissa - The Wandering Rogue (Falkreath) 10K+ endorsements. A fully voiced rogue follower with high quality dialogue, personality, a regard system (your actions affect her opinion of you), smart movement and traveling, and more.
video link Cerwiden -SMART Healer- AI Configurable Companion (Riverwood) [SKSE] 5K+ endorsements. A powerful healer follower with enhanced AI that will heal you and your other followers. Highly configurable. Click here for an in-depth video review.
video link Healer Companion - Natalie (Whiterun) A basic healer companion. (Great when playing with No Health and Reduced Magicka Regeneration).
video link INIGO (Riften) 1K+ endorsements. A fully voiced adventuring companion with thousands of lines of unique dialogue. Insanely high quality voice acting. Well-developed personality and back story. ** Can be buggy when using multiple followers.
video link Hoth (Morthal) 1K+ endorsements. A bounty hunter companion with highly customized armor and personality. Fully voiced. The only companion that dynamically generates radiant quests for the player based on world location.
video link Companion Valfar (Throat of the World) 1K+ endorsements. A companion with highly customized armor and a personality by adding a custom voice and backstory.
video link Atvir Dres - The Last Prince of Tear (Windhelm) 1K+ endorsements. Adds a unique companion with heightened AI, backstory and vibrant personality. More complex interaction with hundreds of lines of fully voiced dialogue. Does not count toward Follower count.
video link Anduniel - Quest Aware Custom Voiced Follower Companion (Riften) Highly praised voice acting! 2K+ lines of commentary & dialogue. Custom-voiced, quest-aware elven bard follower. Stand-alone appearance. Hunts, magical favors, rides own horse, original songs. Set home, combat style, outfit, chatter pace and more. Detailed backstory, romance, custom wedding.
video link Odvar the Afflicted (Whiterun) Adds a unique companion with excellent voice-acting who is quest-aware and will comment on your quests. Great back story. (an optional file removes special vomit attack)
video link Enhanced Skyrim Followers - Aela the Huntress Enhanced dialogue, personality and AI. Not counted as a follower. Must complete "Glory of the Dead", the final quest in the Companions questline.
video link Ulath - Custom voiced Follower - Location Aware (College of Winterhold) [DG] A custom-voiced, quest-aware Dunmer with healing, perks and powers. Choice of Warlock, Ranger or Swordsman.
video link Slave Pack Riekling Porter (Ravenrock) [DB] A Riekling Porter with an oversized Backpack will carry your weights after you do him a favor. Occupies the pet slot.
video link Wolf Follower (Riverwood) [SKSE] Adds a wolf puppy as your follower that will grow with age into a Dire Wolf. Every 7 days, wolf increases in size/health/damage. Give custom name. Learns commands over time. Needs to be fed daily (raw meat).
video link BFF Animal Companions (Dunmeth Pass near Morrowind Border) Adds a dog and/or fox companion with enhanced AI and custom sounds. Configurable mortality, aggression and confidence levels. 30 texture choices.
image link Wolf Master (Falder's Tooth NW of Riften) Kill their Wolf Master and his three caged wolves will become loyal to you.
video link Mercenaries Hire as many Mercenaries and Mercenary archers as you can afford. They act like followers - guard, trade, etc. Give individual or group commands. Compatible with UFO. Salary and strength of mercenaries is confgurable.
video link Mercenary Company Hire a company of soldiers (weekly salary). Command them to assault a fort, secure a perimeter and more.
710 - Follower Enhancements
video link Amazing Follower Tweaks 5K+ endorsements. Watch comparison video.Up to 5 followers. Extensive dialog/command system. Improves AI. Control follower outfits. Contrl combat AI. Remotely command them in combat. Manage level-ups. Pose them. Tell them to make camp. Auto-fencing. Horse riding. Control aggression, courage, morality, more...
video link Extensible Follower Framework 1K+ endorsements. [SKSE] Watch comparison video. Up to 100 followers. Extensive dialog/command system, group commands, set residence, assign combat style
video link UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul 20K+ endorsements. Watch comparison video. Up to 15 followers. Extensive dialog/command system, group commands, and horses for followers. Click here for the Dragonborn DLC patch.
Better Followers Numerous improvements to follower system.
image link Better Stealth AI for Followers - No Torch while Sneaking Followers won't rush to attack while player is sneaking (unless being attacked). Followers will unequip torch when player is sneaking. (Compatible with UFO)
Follower No Weapon Draw Followers will not draw their weapons when you do if not in combat.
video link FCC - Followers can Craft [SKSE] Allows your followers to craft for you for players who don't want to be the master at every skill. Choose "I need you to do something", direct them to a Workbench| Forge|Enchanter and then choose task. Also consider Made to Order or Helpful Blacksmith.
video link Followers Can Relax Adds dialog options to stay & collect ingredients (follower will collect ingredients for 150 secs) or stay and relax (Follower will wander around, sit, eat and/or sleep if a bed is available.) Compatible w/ AFT & UFO.
image link Lively Followers Followers will explore the area on their own if you bore them by not moving for a while (not compatible with mods that allow you to recruit multiple followers)
video link Follower Trap Safety 1K+ endorsements. Followers will not set off traps. compatible with UFO
video link Move it Dammit for NPC Companions and Followers 1K+ endorsements. Followers will not block your path. They will get out of your way more quickly. Compatible with UFO and AFT
  Non-Hostile Friendly Fire Friends and Allies will no longer become hostile if you attack them
Companion Hotkey [SD] Use a hotkey to initiate wait/follow/do me a favor, trade, etc. * Doesn't work with multiple followers.
Followers Extreme Work Out - Dialogues and Training Adds new dialogue options to train your followers:
My Home is Your Home Can give each follower their own home
image link Wardrobe Manager Followers/spouses will automatically change their outfit based on situation from choices you create. Many user options (MCM menu).
Respectful Lydia - Willing Burden Carrier Replaces "I am swoooorn to carry your burden" with another quote of hers
Less Bitchy Lydia Changes Lydia’s "I am sworn to carry your burdens" line to "What do you want me to carry?” (far less bitchy and annoying)
Lydia Loop Fix Makes Lydia use marriage sandbox AI in Breezehome - will go through the house cooking, doing alchemy, drinking, sitting in multiple places, etc.
720 - Spouse
Spouses Can Live Everywhere 1K+ endorsements. Assign spouse to any add-on home or location and your spouse will have the same AI-packages and vendor features as in vanilla homes
image link Ekkii Spouse Life Your spouse works at her market stand 8-5pm in Whiterun. Works well with Spouse Store Mod
video link Marriage Mod - To Have & To Hold ** Not compatible with Hearthfire! ** Improves wedding ceremony & reception, assign default outfit to spouse, multiple spouses, divorce, more.
video link Marriage Dynamic Outfits - Spouse Redress and Hugging features Your spouse will hug you once per day and change outfit depending on their circumstance (configurable)
A Simple Marriage Mod Adds a dialog option to divorce your current spouse. Also automatically divorces you if your spouse dies.
video link Bonds of Matrimony - Divorce Activate a statue at the bottom of a pool to divorce. Death of spouse = automatic divorce (can remarry)
image link GuruSRs DIVORCE Activate the Shrine in Mara's Temple and click Divorce. Spouse will leave home & return to normal AI
Anyone as follower or spouse plus divorce option Run bat commands on NPCs from console - follower.txt, spouse.txt, divorce.txt
730 - NPC enhancements
video link ASIS "Enemy AI 2.0" - Opponents are smarter and there are (optionally) more of them!
- Increased spawns (customizable spawn levels) including all added mods without any compatibility issues
- Smarter enemy AI (customizable). Enemy will react more intelligently and work together as a team
- NPC's will know and use spells that they meet the skill requirements for, including missing vanilla spells and spells from other mods
- NPC's now have and use potions intelligently (rarity/frequency of potions is customizable)
video link Horsemen - Mounted Combat Enhancement
  • Module 1 - Mounted Combat for Followers and NPCs (ranged and melee). More travelers on Road. Merchants travel on horses w/ bodyguards. Guards patrol on horse. Random encounters w/ hostile riders. Horse charge for NPCs. Improves horse combat AI/tactics.
  • Module 2 - Player can rotate freely on horse, use different attacks like swing, stabs which deal different dmg, stab/thrust animations for spears, couched Lance charge. Cast any spell from horse.
Fight or fly [SKSE] Opponents realistically retreat based on his damage and perceived difference in power
Mercy Enemy PCs will no longer attack you after yelling "Mercy". They will flee and then wander.
video link Wearing faction armour causes aggression Wearing faction armor will make opposing factions hostile towards you. (Not compatible with Frostfall)
video link Run For Your Lives 5K+ endorsements. Makes citizens in a village or city run indoors during a dragon attack
When Vampires Attack [DG] 5K+ endorsements. Makes citizens in a village or city run indoors during a vampire attack.
Everyone is Essential Sets all non essential NPCs as protected to prevent them from being killed by aggressive mods. Includes NPCs from the DLCs. Does not use a BAT file (ESP can be merged)
No More Redshirts - Make NPCs Essential Run a batch file to set all non essential NPCs and Followers as protected to prevent them from being killed by aggressive mods.
Non-Essential Killable Children Children can be killed, pickpocketed and looted. Children use appropriate furniture. Hearthfire version modifies their inventories.
video link Guard Dialogue Overhaul 5K+ endorsements. Unlocks missing Guard Dialogue. Guards will be more respectful and acknowledge you as the Thane.
No NPC Greetings Reduces the distance required between the player and an NPC before they'll start talking to you
Less Talkative NPCs Reduces the idle chatter and social conversations NPCs have between you and themselves.
Merchants only reply with Take a Look Replaces "Some may call this junk, me I call them treasures!" with "Take a Look"
CM Free Time Turn on/off random quest assignments from NPCs
Riverwood Trader sells Clothes Riverwood Trader offers clothing
video link NPC Bartering Enables a bartering dialogue with most NPCs. (Will not sell current outfit or main weapon) Most NPCs have a very small amount of gold (use Pocket Money to give NPCs more gold.)
image link Request Bard To Take A Break Adds the dialog option "Can you take a break" to all bards when they are playing. Useful if you play your own instrument or if you prefer to listen to Lore friendly Irish music.
video link OBIS - Organized Bandits In Skyrim 1K+ endorsements. Replaces vanilla bandits with varied and unique bandits. Over 1000 unique bandits in all. 33 bandit types. Adds named bandits. Adds bandit patrols (optional).
image link Skyrim Peasant Fashion Adds 25 new varieties of outfits to townspeople. Lore-friendly. Compatible with Body-Slide, UNP, CBBE, etc.
image link Improved closefaced helmets Alters close-faced helmets so that the eye holes are open.
image link Open Faced Guard Helmets Alters the guard and Stormcloak helms so face is 50% more visible (see image)
image link Stormcloaks_n_Guards_with_Faces Alters the guard and Stormcloak helms - replaces full-face helsm with open-face helms so face is 100% more visible (see image). Friendly Guard Helmets is a similar mod with a slightly different style of open-faced helmets.
image link No Guard Helmets Completely removes the helmet that city guards and most Stormcloak soldiers wear (Makes them invisible. Armor bonus still added).
image link Various guard outfits for Every city 1K+ endorsements. Guards wear hold-specific armor. Only changes appearance not stats (Changes mesh and texture for guard's cuirass and helmet)
image link Lawrens RNG Guards Guards will wear custom-skinned, lore-friendly outfits that are more appropriate to their hold and climate
image link Stormcloak Armor Variety Stormcloaks spawn with a variety of different armor
image link Imperial Legion Armor Variety Legionnaires spawn with a variety of different armor
image link Guards Armor Replacement Replaces guard armor (males only) with open-faced helmets and chainmail hauberks bearing their household's crest. Does not change Stormcloak armors.
Varied Guards and Stormcloaks Stormcloaks and Imperials wear random helmets & wear more appropriate armor. Not compatible with Hearthfire.
image link Lanterns for Guards - Wearable Lanterns Add-On Guards will sometimes carry lanterns instead of torches (requires Wearable Lanterns)
image link Lantern Caretakers An NPC will light one of the town's lanterns each night and then go to the nearest Inn (adds immersion). (requires Lanterns of Skyrim - All in One)
image link Diverse Priests Priests' robes match their faith - priests of Kynareth wear green, priests of Dibella wear red, priests of Arkay wear gray, priests of Talos wear brown and priests of Mara wear tan.
image link Realistic Body System Applies a wide variety of random body types to NPCs. (e.g. skinny beggars and fat nobles). Does not affect player's character.
740 - NPC encounters
video link WARZONES - Civil Unrest ** Caution! Outdated. Can cause crashes/issues ** 5K+ endorsements. Adds dynamic conflicts between factions
video link Interesting NPCs 10K+ endorsements. Adds over 225 voiced NPCs with over 25K lines of dialogue, over 25 followers with location-based commentary, 10+ marriage NPCs, and over 45 quests.
video link Immersive Patrols 5K+ endorsements. Adds lore-friendly patrols - Civil War (Imperials & Stormcloaks), Bandits, Travelers, Werewolves and a DawnGuard plugin. Use as many plugins as you want. Compatible with DawnGuard and WARZONES - Civil Unrest.
video link Inconsequential NPCs 5K+ endorsements. Adds over 80 NPCs around Skyrim to enhance social ambiance such as carriage guards, ladies of the evening, skooma dealers, mercenaries, merchants, etc. Some NPCs will visit Inns. Compatible with Interesting NPCs.
Travellers of Skyrim - Travelers Adds 10 alchemists, 10 apothecaries, 10 merchants buying and selling their wares, & 20 mercenaries for hire that travel between 30 locations
image link Randomly-Generated Generic Townsfolk Intelligently spawns a variety of townspeople to make towns more populated. Lite and Liter version available for 1/2 or 1/3 as many spawn points.
DFB - Random Encounters Adds a random encounter generator to spawn up to 28 varieties of creatures (e.g. Bears, Wolves, Dragons, Bandits, Orcs, Trolls, Skeletons, Werewolves, etc). Player can configure which creatures, how many, how difficult and how often. 200 hand-placed spawn points.
image link ERSO 10.02 - Adventurers and Travelers Adds 40 NPCs that travel between 18 towns. Adds an Adventurer party to each town that hunts bandits. (This is an updated, cleaned version of Adventurers and Travelers)
SIM - Skyrim npc Immersion Mod Adds new NPC adventurers, new random encounters and more.
video link Sands of Time - Ultimate Deadly Encounters [DG][DB] 1K+ endorsements. Adds random chance of being attacked while sleeping, fast traveling, waiting, or walking beteeen towns. Highly configurable through MCM. Recommend "Deployable Traps").
video link Sands of Time Sleeping Encounters Standalone Module A barebones version of Sands of Time (no DLCs required). Adds random chance of being attacked while sleeping. Designate any 6 locations as safe to sleep.
video link Populated Cities Towns Villages Adds NPCs to towns and cities to improve immersion. Daytime NPCs will go to Inns at night. (Nighttime NPCs will walk the streets)
video link LIAT - Lively Inns and Taverns 1K+ endorsements. Populates inns with more people. Inns are now lively! Includes ambient crowd noises and animations. Try this patch to reduce the number of NPCs.
video link Crowded Solitude (aka Crowded Cities) Adds 30 NPCs to Solitude each with different paths and times that they travel.
750 - Wildlife Overhaul
video link SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators 5K+ endorsements. Animal AI overhaul - complete food chain (hunt, drink water, forage), mating, hibernation, babies, proper inter-faction reactions, fight or flight, more (90% compatible with Real Wild Life)
video link Real Wildlife - Skyrim 1K+ endorsements. Edits leveled lists to add animals with a variety of age and diseases, Revised AI and wildlife faction interaction, adjusted speeds, 16 new diseases, 45 new ingredients, 21 new foods & 21 new recipes. Not compatible with Hearthfire.
760 - Wildlife
video link skyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds Adds realistic birds that chirp, sing, eat insects, build nests, can land or perch anywhere, and fly away when you approach. (Compatible with Birds of Skyrim & Birds & Flocks)
video link Birds of Skyrim Adds 20 varieties of (non-flying) birds e.g. chickens, roosters, pigeons, pheasants, etc. (Compatible with skyBirds & Birds & Flocks)
video link Birds and Flocks Adds dozens more instances of birds that fly away when startled. (Compatible with skyBirds & Birds of Skyrim)
video link 101Bugs 5K+ endorsements. Adds bugs, butterflies, dragonflies, Luna-moths & torchbugs for added immersion
video link AIMP - Antz in my Pantz Adds over 1100 hand-placed animated ant tiles (more than 150 times as many as Vanilla). No performance loss. Compatible with 101 Bugs. Ants and centipedes can be harvested for alchemy.
video link Prides of Skyrim Adds hand-placed Lions, Lionesses, Panthers, Tigers and a Boss Scar with custom textures, patrols and idle markers. Compatible with SkyTEST - Realistic Anaimals and Predators
video link Pets of Skyrim Adds cats, dogs, rabbits, and a wolf puppy to Tamriel. If prompted, many will become your companion.
video link More Village Animals Adds more farm animals to 11 farms
  Real Animals: Domesticated Adds 14+ varieties of farm animals to 14+ locations
video link Horses Gone Wild Adds herds of wild horses to various locations. 1 stallion in each herd is ridable.
image link Wild Horses Adds herds of wild horses around Skyrim (stallions, mares, colts, fillies and geldings). Easy to find a ridable horse.
video link Cliffracers Adds a few cliffracers near the Morrowind border. They can be shot down but they don't attack (watch video)
video link Improved Fish Adds 33 variants of pond fish, 18 bigger fish & and a stringray. (Dragonflies spawn above pond fish spawn points). Adds a filleting bench to fillet fish
Bigger Badder Bears Increases the size, weight and damages of bears. Several versions available. (Use "Bigger Bears" to only increase the size)
Faster Woodland Creatures Increases speed of some animals, increases value of some pelts. No change to AI or animals stats (difficulty)
No Predators on roads Relocates predator wildlife from roads to wilderness (prey and ambient creatures untouched). Less disruptions when traveling by cart or horse between cities.
Peaceful Mudcrabs Regular mudcrabs won't attack you. The bigger ones will still attack
Friendly Creatures Makes bears, wolves, skeevers, mudcrabs, slaughterfish and horkers non-aggressive. They will only attack if you get too close to them. (or try Pacifist mini-Mods as an alternative)
image link Realistic Wildlife (Loot And Recipes) More realistic animal loot - MUCH more meat and no more gold + new cooking recipes. Compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases
ClamsDropPearls Clams might have a pearl: Lg Clams - 10% (lg pearl), Normal Clams - 20%, Thin Clams - 30% chance (sm pearl)
770 - Creatures
video link Automatic Variants Applies a variety of textures to the same creature type e.g. all wolves in a pack will have different colors. Numerous AV packages listed on mod's description page.
video link Skyrim Monster Mod Adds over 100 creatures. Spawn at appropriate locations. Added to leveled lists. (NOTE: Banned from Nexus so mod is now located at VGUNetwork)
video link Skyrim Monster Mod Lore-Friendlier Replacer Modifies Skyrim Monster Mod so only lore-friendly monsters are added
video link Skyrim Immersive Creatures [DG] 1K+ endorsements. Adds dozen of new creatures from many mods plus new Boss encounters. Adds skeleton resurrection - random chance to come back to life at a random time.
Skyrim Immersive Creatures - Purist Lore-Friendly [DG] Modifies Skyrim Immersive Creatures so only lore-friendly monsters are added.
image link Here There Be Monsters Adds six massive mystical monsters that prowl the Ghost sea. Adds 3 ship captains that can be hired, 3 survivors in the docks, and an expert monster hunter for hire.
video link Truly Undead - Reborn Lets you configure the chance of resurrection, health bonus, and/or what is required to kill skeletons, vampires, draugr and dragon priests
Syynxs Stubborn Skeletons Skeletons have more health, do 50% more dmg and have a high chance of getting back up again when killed. (skeleton resurrection is included in Immersive Creatures) Try Skeletons - Truly Undead as an alternative
video link Armored Skeletons and The Walking Dead Adds several new Skeleton & Undead types wearing iron, steel or leather armor. Stronger than vanilla skeletons. (included in Immersive Creatures)
video link Beast Skeletons Adds Orc, Khajit and Argonian skeletons to several locations. Adds a spell to conjure a skeleton reflecting your own race. (included in Immersive Creatures)
video link JAWS - Deadly Oceans Adds 8 deadly species of slaughterfish ("jawfish") to northern coast (up to 10X bigger). Adds custom sounds and music (configurable). Read testimonial.
SkyTEST - Harder Creatures Harder trolls, vampires, giants, skeletons, werewolves, SprigganMatrons, FrostBite Spiders, Attronachs, Dremora, Chaurus Reaper & Dwarven Centurions.
Dangerous Wolves Wolves do 3X more dmg (15 from 5) and have 2X more Health (24 from 12)
780 - Dragons
video link Deadly Dragons [SKSE] [DG] 10K+ endorsements. Adds new dragons. + lets you customize dragon health, armor, melee damage, breath damage, and event system frequency. Set to vanilla by default.
Dragons Diversified Works with Deadly Dragons. Replaces the standard dragons with 13 new dragon breeds, each heavily scripted to provide more interesting gameplay.
video link Enhanced Mighty Dragons 1K+ endorsements. Replaces vanilla dragons with 16 dragons having unique resistances, weaknesses and shouts. Each dragon has their own age, names, stats, tactics and textures. Choose between 8 difficulty levels.
Resilient Dragons NPCs deal less damage to all Dragons, as well as increasing the Dragon core health and mitigation.
Realistic Dragons Dragons are unleveled, do more dmg, fire breath now lights objects on fire, they land less and always try to face target
video link Dragon Combat Overhaul An overhaul of the dragon's combat AI to create more random and realistic behavior in combat.
SKREEE - Less Frequent Dragons Reduces # of random dragon spawns (50% or 75% chance spawn is canceled - player choice) Compatible with all deadlier dragon mods
Immediate Dragons No longer need to see the good old Greybeards for dragons to spawn officially. works great with alternate starts and existing characters
Passive dragon encounters Dragons encountered won't be aggressive to player unless attacked. They'll still attack towns and guards will still attack dragons. (optional file makes them passive to everyone unless attacked)
video link Dragon Remains Prevents dragons from becoming a skeleton when they die (you still get the dragon soul)
video link Baby Dragons of Skyrim Adds baby dragons to Skyrim and adds parent, child and sibling relations to the new Dragons.(does not conflict with other dragon mods)
image link Dragon Nests Adds dragon nests, young dragons and dragonlings (can't shout or fly). Female dragons more aggressive when near dragonlings.
video link Dovahkriid - The Dragon Lords Adds 10 extremely powerful named dragons. Their scales can be used to craft special armor.

Thievery Mods

800 - Thievery Overhaul
image link Stealth Skills Rebalanced - Sneak - Lockpicking - Pickpocket A modular rebalance (i.e. more challenging) of Sneak, Lockpicking, and Pickpocket skills, settings, enchantments and perks. Sound, light, armor worn, and speed play a greater role in sneak detection. Item weight more important when pickpocketing. Lockpick sweet spot reduced. Gauntlets affect lockpicking. Stronger lockpicks. NPCs search longer if attacked. Crime report radius reduced. More.
810 - Stealth
video link Sneak Tools [SKSE] 1K+ endorsements. Adds ability to knockout target (sneak attack w/ empty hands), slit throat (sneak attack w/ dagger) or kill a sleeping NPC. Adds a cowl that can mask your identity, water arrows and rope arrows.
Path of Shadows Realistic stealth - Adjusts detection time. Light, armor and movement matter
Shadow Play - Sneak and Stealth Rebalance Mod Sneaking much harder, light more important, NPCs look longer, armor more important
Stealth Character Immersion Fix Adjusts detection time
SkyRealism - Stealth and Sneak Detection Durations Changes alarm durations - hearing or detecting movement of an enemy = 30 secs (was 10), seeing an enemy = 120 secs (was 10), being attacked by an enemy = 180 secs (was 15), after losing an enemy = 60 secs (was 10)
video link Improved sneak detection improves Skyrim's detection while sneaking, triggered by loud noises, changes in light sources and movement.
image link Binocular Vision For NPCs while Sneaking Changes Vanilla's 190 Degree detection radius to 135 Degrees (see image)
Sneak Tweak Increases reset time after detection or being attacked. View cone is narrower but enemies detect your more easily in a lighted area. NPCs detect noise better.
video link Armor Disguises Wear ALL pieces of a Faction's armor to be disguised as a member (i.e. all fur = bandit disguise)
Professional Shiv Roleplay enhancement - adds an assassin's shiv that does 1 pt of dmg but will kill the target instantly if used successfully while in stealth mode. (Recommend "The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod")
image link Shortcuts - Secret Entrances For All Cities Plus Thieves Guild Adds secret entrances into and out of the major cities
Shenk Thievery Overhaul ** No updates since Mar 2012 ** Adds city stealthways, shop guards, guard dogs, specialty arrows, more loot in buildings + dozens of fixes & other improvements
820 - Pickpocket
Simple Pickpocket Rebalance Doubles weight multiplier for pickpocket difficulty (stealing heavier stuff is harder)
20% Minimum Pickpocket Chance Increases the minimum pickpocket chance to 20%
830 - Lockpicking
video link Lock Overhaul Lets you auto lockpick (at the cost of lockpicks), smash locks or open locks with a spell.
SEU - Skyrim Enhanced Unlocking - ENGLISH Unlock by weapon, spell, acid or fus ro dah (doors only). Bash works with SkyRe. (This is the updated SKSE version of GBU - Gerauld s Better Unlocking)
image link Lockpicking Overhaul Replaces mini-game with chance-based system. At low skill lvl, you'll be unable to pick high lvl locks & low chance to pick low level locks (likely to break 5 or 6 lockpicks just on a novice lock). Pick chance are configurable. Also adds lock bashing, Lock forcing, melting locks with craftable acid, a lock open spell and lockable objects. Works with Lock Bashing.
image link Lockpick graduation by Lilyu Adds markings to lock textures on chests. Provides a visual reference point on where your lockpick broke.
Randomized Lockpicking Replaces the lockpicking minigame with a random chance based on your lockpicking skill and the lock's level.
image link Auto Lock Picking Automatically unlock the doors and chest. Unlocking probability will vary with the difficulty of the lock and the perk.
image link less touchy lockpicking Easier - Increases the sweet spot on higher lvl locks without making lower level locks too easy (see image)
Fluffkins Immersive Lock Picking Mod Harder - all sweet spots are smaller, picks last longer, less difference between lock types,
Harder lockpicking Much harder - can open novice locks and MAYBE apprentice locks but will need skills to open adept+ locks
More Locked Containers Higher chance of locked chest, chance of increased loot if locked
Less Lockpicks Reduces number of lockpicks found in loot
840 - Crime
Reneers Crime Overhaul Modifies how Guards react to player crimes
Realistic Crime Radius Reduces the crime report radius from 4000 (feet possibly?) down to 350
video link Block Steal - prevents accidentally stealing items [SKSE] Prevents you from accidentally stealing objects and getting a bounty on your head. Must be sneaking to steal.
Longer Jailtime Increases the maximum jailtime from 7 days to 30, 60 or 100 days
Expanded Jail Cells Need food and drink while in jail. (Recommend RTR - Realtime Reading)
Life in Prison Allow you to roleplay your time in prison
image link Higher Bounties for Crimes Higher bounties for crimes. Click here to see adjusted bounties. Amt of fine varies by hold (and affects jailtime in Crime & Punishment)
image link Don't Commit Crimes Higher bounties for crimes. Click here to see adjusted bounties
image link Vinis Crime Gold - More Expensive Bounty Higher bounties for crimes. Click here to see adjusted bounties

Crafting Mods

900 - Crafting Overhaul
video link Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade A remake of Headbomb's original Complete Crafting Overhaul (4K endorsements). Adds missing weapon and armor upgrade recipes, fixes crafting recipes (more logical), can only craft armor from own faction, recipe filtering, smelting and mining enhancements and much more. Highly compatible with many mods. Highly customizable through MCM. Support for all DLCs.
Smithing Perks Overhaul - Remade and Updated A remake of Headbomb's original Smithing Perks Overhaul. Allows all weapons & armor in Skyrim to be improved further based on one perk or another. Requires Weapons and Armor Fixes - Remade
Ars Metallica - Smithing Enhancement Adds ability to forge arrows, lockpicks, skill advancement for using smelter and tanning rack, melting down armor and clutter, craft guild-appropriate gear and more. (DLC Add-ons available)
video link Lost Art of the Blacksmith Adds missing weapon and armor upgrade recipes. Recommended to use with Smithing Perks Overhaul and Weapon and Armor Fixes. Not compatible with Complete Crafting Overhaul. ** Be sure to install Sharlikran's Compatibility Patch, too **
video link More Craftables Adds variety of craftable weapon and armor
WARR - Weapon and Armor Recipes Rebalanced Revises armor and weapon crafting recipes to make them more realistic and challenging (e.g. wood needed to craft shields and weapons with wooden shafts). In general, recipes require more resources in both quantity and variety.
-JK- Crafting Breakdown -Junk Melting Smelting- A complete recreation of Vals Crafting Meltdown from scratch by jediakyrol. 90% the same.
video link Vals Crafting Meltdown Alpha - Melting Smelting and Fletchin ** Use Sharlikran's Compatibility Patch instead! (original mod not required)** Adds ability to melt down armor, weapons and misc items back into raw materials, smelt gold/silver rings & amulets, and fletch arrows. Designed to work with Lost Art of the Blacksmith + More Craftables
image link Melt Down Everything [SKSE] Gives you the ability to melt down every piece of metallic ammo, armor and weapons, even if they are from mods.
Crafting 300 - Armoury of Tamriel A weapons and smithing overhaul - Makes weapon material separate from style. Learn materials via perks, learn styles via smithing books. Improve weapons with gem dust. Dragon-Rune Crafting. New Smithing Perk Tree.
video link Arrowsmith Lets you craft arrows in bundles of 50. Must have relevant smithing perk. (Click here for Dawnguard version)
JBSchroeds Complete Mundane Overhaul Adds missing weapon and armor improvement recipes. Realistic reweight of all items. Faction armor requires book, can break down weapons/armor >> scrap >> ingots. Recommended to use with Smithing Perks Overhaul and Weapon and Armor Fixes
910 - Crafting
image link SkyRealism - Portable Crafting Kits [SKSE] Adds portable kits that can be crafted for mobile Alchemy, Cooking, Enchanting, Forging, Sharpening, Smelting, Tanning and Tempering
image link Expanded Jewelry Crafting 1K+ endorsements. Expands the jewelry crafting to include Dwarven, Orcish, Elven, Glass, Ebony, Daedric and Dragonbone jewelery. Use this mod to add to leveled lists.
image link Map Tomes and Writing Table Adds a writing table that lets you craft books containing your completed collection of maps and recipes (treasure maps, basic potion recipes, resist potion recipes and poison recipes)
video link Lorecraft - learning and managing for crafting - CORE Buy crafting books from merchants to learn crafting recipes. Can only craft what you've learned to craft. Use book to turn off recipes to remove them from crafting list.
video link SHARPE Craftsmanship - Made to order Request armor to be made for you by Eorlund Gray-Mane in Whiterun, the best blacksmith in Skyrim (you supply the materials). Prices are expensive. Useful if you don't have the smithing skill to craft high-end armor. (Similar feature is in Economics of Skyrim). Also consider Followers can craft
video link Helpful Blacksmith Request armor and weapons to be made for you by Adrianne, Beirand, Eorlund and Alvor. You supply the materials. Useful for roleplaying a character that doesn't do smithing. (Similar feature is in Economics of Skyrim). Also consider Followers can craft
video link Real-Time Smithing [SKSE] Placing your weapon on a workbench and beating it with a blacksmith hammer (in real-time) improves it temporarily.
  Long Lost Smelters of Skyrim Puts a smelter in the big cities that didn't get one in vanilla, and some of the hamlets, including Riverwood. Consider Smelt Skyrim as an alternative.
image link Smithing Perks Reworked Smithing Perks no longer give you the ability to create armors and weapons, only improve them. Find and smelt down a full set of related armor and then you can craft it. (Same for weapons)
920 - Cooking
image link Filled Pots Adds vegetables, meats, soups or stews to the empty pots hanging over fires around Skyrim.
image link Babettes Feast - Improved Cooking Adds milk and 11 new food recipes + unique models. 3 versions of food effects. Compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases.
image link Cooking Expanded Adds 14 new food recipes. Click here to make compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases.
Gromits Cooking Recipes - Food - Drink Overhaul 51 cooking recipes - food & drinks affect health, magicka & stamina regen rates (no compatibility mods)
video link Be a Milk Drinker Adds milk, apple juice, carrot juice, grape juice, juniper berry juice, snowberry juice and tomato juice as drink options.
Better Bee Hive - Get That Honey and Brew Alcohol Makes honey and honeycombs less rare and adds new recipes using honey and honeycombs in cooking, drinking, and alchemy.
video link No Salt for Meat Recipes Salt is no longer needed to cook meat (because cooking deer at campfire should not require salt). Salt still needed for stews and other recipes.
More Salt Please Food vendors will now have 3-7 salt for sale instead of 1 (except produce vendors).
Salt Sack Adds salt sacks next to most cooking areas (about 155 in all)
930 - Alchemy
image link Learn Alchemy From Recipes Learn ingredients effects by reading alchemy recipes
video link Alchemical Apparati Adds an alembic which can be used to make potions and poisons on the go. (Equip the alembic to prompt the alchemy interface). (alternative: SkyRealism - Portable Crafting Kits)
Phitts Alchemy and Food Overhaul Rebalances and enhances the alchemy and food crafting systems
image link Alchemy Overhaul (Click here for more current version) Realistic chemistry - create realistic chemical compounds from natural ingredients using extractor and diffusor and then combine compounds to create potions and poisons.
Vile Concoctions Adds a toxicity/overdose system (using too many potions yields penalties), potion cooldown, new perks, throwing grenades and more. Highly configurable through MCM.
video link Immersive Potions Potion effects will take 5 seconds instead of being instant. Effects to not stack i.e. the 2nd potion overwrites the 1st (prevents spamming). Recommend with Potions Animated.
video link Potions Restore Over Time and No Spamming Restore potion effects will take 5 seconds instead of being instant. Effects do not stack i.e. drinking 10 healing potions all at once will have the same effect as drinking only one. Recommend with Potions Animated.
Hardcore Restore Potions Potion effects will take 25 seconds instead of being instant. Recommend with Potions Animated.
Gromits Potions Heal Over Time Mod Potion effects will take 3 seconds instead of being instant. Adjusts weight of all potions to a range of 0.1 to 0.8 based on size of bottle. Recommend with Potions Animated.
image link Better Stronger and More Effective - Deadly Poisons Increases effectiveness of poisons. Poisons last 5 - 15 seconds. Also applies to poisons created with alchemy and the bite and spit of spiders, Spriggans and Chaurus.
Syynxs Improved Poisons - Longer poison duration Extends duration of poison effects to 3-10 minutes. Applies to NPC poisons, poison ingredients (e.g. eating a deathbell will poison you for a few minutes), dungeon trap poisons, etc.
Poisons for Assasins Makes poisons more potent. Adds frenzy poisons (afflicted attacks anything for x secs) & lingering stamina poisons. Changes 'Concentrated Poison' Perk - poisoned weapons last 10 hits instead of 2 (optional).
video link Harvest Overhaul Lets you harvest several ingredients (random number) from each flower instead of just one. (optional esp increases realism for animal loot, too). Recommend with Harvesting Animation.
  Improved Recipes Allows player to learn the properties of ingredients that are listed in recipes upon reading them.
Alchemists Have Ingredients Insures that Alchemy shops will stock all potion ingredients. Will have the following amounts: Rare 5, Uncommon 10, Common 15 (optional plugins with higher quantities are available)
image link Alchemy Extended Allows more rare ingredients to be sold by vendors and found in the world
image link The Great Book of Alchemy -Now in 4 volumes 4 alchemy reference volumes - healing and restoration, poisons, fortifications, alteration and resistances. No pictures. Can only be obtained by console command
image link The Big Book of Alchemy v2 Lets you find (rare) or buy 3 books (Miscellaneous, Regenerative, and Damaging) containing all potion recipes as written by an old Bosmer. Immersive and lore-friendly.
image link Master Alchemy Recipes Adds a book to Alchemist's shack with a handful of powerful potion recipes
image link Potions/Poisons Guide Adds a book to BreezeHome with the recipes for all of the potions and poisons
image link Useful Books Add 2 books to merchant lists: "Alchemist's Desk Reference" - skyrim ingredients + "The Masks of Power" - describes the locations of the Dragon Priest Masks
940 - Scrollcrafting
video link The Scribes Lectern Craft magic books from blank book + scroll (can give to follower to learn)
image link Scrollcraft Requires 1 roll of paper & Silverdust (can buy or smelt from silver ore or ingots). Craft scrolls at scroll crafting station (added to 5 major holds). Adds rolls of paper & silverdust to Alchemists, Mages & Trade Caravans
Craftable Scrolls Requires charcoal + parchment + soul gem. Make charcoal at smelter, make parchment at tanning rack, make scrolls at tanning rack. (Click here for a very similar mod on the Nexus)
950 - Enchantments
Enchantment Balance Overhaul Rebalances enchantment.
image link Enchantment Effect Replacer Replaces texture on enchanted weapons (Improves, changes or removes enchantment effect)
image link EzEs -Artifact Disenchanting- Lets you disenchant powerful artifacts to learn their affects allowing you to place artifact enchantements on normal weapons.